Bench Press for the Primary & Secondary Muscles

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Bench presses, when performed properly, are great for working out very specific primary and secondary muscles. Learn about using the bench press for the primary and secondary muscles with help from a longtime personal trainer in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

This is Stephany with Elevate Fitness, and today we're going to talk about the primary and secondary muscles that are used while doing a bench press. So the primary muscles that are being used whenever you are doing a bench press is going to be the pectoralis major, that's the muscle that attaches from your sternum to your shoulder. Also another muscle that's being used during the workout is going to be your anterior deltoid. That's going to be the front shoulder muscle. Your secondary muscles are going to be the tricep muscle, whenever you are pushing up and pushing down, that muscle is going to be the secondary muscle that's put into play and then, of course you could never forget your core muscles. Those are going to be your stabilizing muscles. So they are just stabilizing you while you are doing the movement. So when you are going to do a barbell chest press, the first thing that you want to focus on is where you are going to put your hands on the barbell. One thing you want to know is the closer you have your hands towards the barbell, the easier the movement is going to be because you are using more movement coming from the inside of the body. The farther you bring your hands away, the more challenging it's going to be because it's going to take more movement that's not coming directly from your body. So normally you want to go just a little bit wider than your shoulder width, taking the barbell, you want to keep it right at your chest line and when you come down you are bending at the elbows, 90 degrees, you don't want to go any more than that because going lower kind of hyper extends your shoulder. You are putting a lot of stress on that shoulder that can cause injury later on. So you want to make sure that whenever you come down, elbow bends 90 degrees and then you come back up. You also want to make sure that whenever you are doing a bench press that your feet stay on the floor, that way they are assisting when you are pushing off and you're not using too much of your lower back. This is Stephany with Elevated Fitness and we just talked about primary and secondary muscles that are being used when doing a bench press, get lifted.


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