Calf Raises With Resistance Tubes

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Resistance tubes are a great tool to use to increase the overall efficiency of techniques like calf raises. Do calf raises with resistance tubes with help from a longtime personal trainer in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

This is Stephany with Elevate Fitness, and today I'm going to show you how to do calf raises with the resistance bands. There's two different types of resistance bands that you can use when doing calf raises. One of them is a flat one which is the one we're going to use today. There is also the round band but I would not recommend that, it's a little bit harder to get under the feet and positioned correctly. So what we're going to do with the flat band is we're going to put it underneath the feet and you want to keep your feet slightly separated, maybe just a little less than hip width apart. Now you have to adjust your resistance accordingly so whatever is hard for you, you kind of grab the band. You definitely want to feel tension while you are in a standing position and so what you do is you just kind of like raise on your toes and come back down, keep your abs right so you are controlling the core movement and come up and down, as high as you can, coming back down. Now if this movement is too hard for you, there's actually a modified version that you can do of calf raises. While you are in a sitting position, what you can do is you can put your back against the wall or if you don't want to use a wall you can just kind of stand up straight, draw your abs in towards your spine and again, you are putting the band underneath the feet, preferably more towards the front of the foot versus the ball and adjust your resistance. You want to feel tension while you are in this position and you just kind of press forward with your feet and then you relax. So pointing the toe, then relaxing and as you do that movement, you'll start to feel your calf muscles working. This is Stephany with Elevated Fitness, and we just talked about doing calf raises with the resistance bands, get lifted.


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