Roll-Your-Own Sushi Parties

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Roll-your-own sushi parties are a great, delicious way to have a little fun with your friends. Throw a roll-your-own sushi party with help from an accomplished chef in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hey guys, I'm DAS. For this video, I'm going to show you guys how to make Sushi. It's really quick. I know at times people may think it's intimidating but with these simple steps, you can knock it out. So the first thing I'm just going to do an overview of all the ingredients I have in front of me. So, today we're going to make vegetable Sushi. So I have green peppers, red peppers, some carrot and of course, I have my favorites, all Sushi needs soy sauce, pickled ginger and wasabi. I have my Sushi rice. I have Nori which is dry seaweed, a little bit of water to dip my hands in and then I have my Sushi rolling mat. So let's start rolling. Well first thing let's cut the vegetables. So I'm going to take my peppers and I'm just going to do a nice julienne cut on them. Now the reason I want to do a julienne cut is because these nice thin strips will roll nice in the Sushi and that's what julienne means is nice thin long strips. I also have a carrot. I'm going to cut the top off of that and it rolls all over the place. So the first thing I want to do is stop it from rolling. So I cut it in half, I cut each side off and make it a flat surface and I'm going to do the same thing here is just get some nice julienne cuts. Now that I have all my veggies cut, we can start to roll. The first thing i want to do is take my mat here. I'm going to place my Nori on top of the mat. Now the mat is a wooden mat. I have plastic wrap on top of the wrap to prevent the sticking. I take my Nori, I place that right on top of the plastic. I take my hands, get them nice and wet and then I grab my rice. Now I'm going to put this rice on the Nori and you want to make sure you spread it around so you have a nice even layer. It's time to add the veggies and you want to put everything in the middle because what's going to happen you're going to roll it and you don't want anything to fall out. So you take your edge and then you fold it over, continuously, continuously to wrap it tight because you want your Sushi rolls to be tight. Once you get to the edge of your roll, right before you close it, you take a little bit of water and you hit the edge of the seaweed which is the Nori because that makes it stick. And there you go, vegetable Sushi. So this is how to have your own Sushi party. My name is Chef DAS, I'll see you soon.


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