How to Make Coriander-Crusted Salmon

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Coriander-crusted salmon is a lot easier to prepare than you might suspect. Find out how to make coriander-crusted salmon with help from one of the most talented and dedicated chefs in Manhattan in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Good afternoon. My name is Jason Tilmann, executive chef here at Triomphe Restaurant and the Iroquois Hotel, 49 West 4th Street between 5th and 6th Avenue in New York City. Today we're going to be making coriander crusted salmon. And coriander is an actual seed. And what the coriander is it's a seed for cilantro. So you put coriander seeds in the ground, you get cilantro. OK. So what we have is a nice piece of salmon, farm raised Atlantic salmon. It's actually beautiful. This time of year you can use wild salmon, it's in season. OK. And we're going to go ahead and season this with a little bit of salt and a little bit of pepper and I like to season both sides. It's very important. All right. And then we're going to take our coriander seed, and I've taken this coriander seed and put it in a spice mill which is a coffee grinder if you will, and we're going to go ahead and sprinkle a little bit of this on the top, just like that and a little bit on the bottom. And we're going to go ahead and get it in a hot pan. We'll see you over here. Now we have our hot pan and like I always say we want very, very high ventilation. We have a little bit of extra virgin olive oil. I use extra virgin olive oil because I like the flavor. If you want to use canola oil that's fine, blended oil, that's fine. We're going to go ahead and put that in a pan and let that sit for a few minutes and get nice and golden brown. We're going to go ahead and flip it and put it in the oven and cook it to our desired temperature. But right now you see how it's getting nice and, you don't want to shake it around, we don't want to be too aggressive with it. It's very, very delicate, so we want to let it sit and that natural fat will kind of sink down to the bottom, kind of meld with all this oil and this flavor and this coriander and it'll come right up so we don't have to worry. See, it's already started to come right up. So that's how we know. If this fish sticks to this pan you know that your pan was not hot enough. OK. Let's take a look. Oh look at that. It's beautiful, beautiful. We're going to go ahead and flip this and go right in the oven for about three and a half minutes at 350 degrees. So we're going to go right in our oven at 350 degrees, two and a half, three minutes at 350 degrees and we'll see you in one second. OK. So here we go. We're going to go ahead and put it on our plate. It just came right out of the oven. We're going to put it on our plate just like that. You can cut it if you'd like. We're going to go ahead and add a few micro greens on top and a little bit of extra virgin olive oil. That's just so light, so healthy. All right. And a little squeeze of lemon juice and that's coriander crusted salmon. I'm Jason Tilmann and we'll see you next time.


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