Florida Crab Salad

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Florida crab salad needs to be prepared in a very particular way for the best possible results. Find out about Florida crab salad with help from the owner of the acclaimed Chef Allen’s and a James Beard Award recipient in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, we're at Allied Kitchen and Bath and I'm cooking for flavors of Fort Lauderdale. I'm Chef Allen Susser. Welcome to the kitchen. Today, I'm going to do a great Florida crab salad. This crab salad is with Florida crab as well as lots of citrus; grapefruit, lemons, lots of flavor of Florida, so let's go into the kitchen to get started. Okay. Get, we're starting here with some Florida crab. There's actually a couple of different types of crabs that we use a blue crab; but, the meat from the crab meat. This is a jumbo lump crab. Every time you use crab meat though, you need to go through it. You use fresh crab meat. Here, when I say go through it, all you do is take a handful of the crab meat and just sought through the crab so that you make sure that there's no shell in it or filament of any sort. So, just, you don't want to break up these pieces because these pieces are wonderful. You can see how big they are. Actually, the less expensive crab comes small in smaller pieces; so, the, the larger is a lot more expensive. So again, take that and we're going to season this now with some fresh lemon juice. Okay. Using acidity is always important. It brings out a lot of flavor. Using the lemon juice, I, I like to use it because we get the zest as well as the, the lemon and squeezing this right over the crab meat; so, get that in there, catching the seeds as you can see. Beautiful. And also the aroma is great you're getting the essential oil from the, the lemon itself. With that, I'm going to add in a little bit of mustard, a Pommery mustard which is a grainy mustard for that and a little salt and pepper. Okay. Salt and fresh ground pepper. And then, carefully we're going to toss that, that's the basis of our salad here with a little bit of extra virgin olive oil, just a touch there and toss that. Okay. We're going to get our other ingredients together that goes into the crab, that's way it set up so it marinates a little bit and we get that full flavor. Set that aside for a moment and we're going to take a little bit of fennel, Fennels are great flavor, sort of anise flavor which is delicious and so, here I'm going to take a part the fennel bulb and just, for this salad, we're going to take it and just turn that around and just kind of really thinly slice that fennel. Okay. And so, you can see what happens with the fennel; it kind of breaks apart like that. That's really what we want to be doing here. So, set that aside. Okay. And we're going to take the fennel in the bowl here. Into that, we've got some sliced red onion. So, you've got a little bit of slicing going on as well as some red peppers. A little bit of grapefruit juice, this is a Florida pink grapefruit; so, I've segment it as well as got the, the juice from there. A little bit of that olive oil into this as well as some salt and pepper. Okay. Seasoning each of the ingredients is tremendously important as we along. So, with that, we're going to mix the fennel along with the sliced red onions. We've got some nice flavors going on there and then, we're going to set that aside as well. So, I'm going to pick up the avocado. Avocado is going to go on this dish, on this; so, cutting the avocado, really easy. Usually taking out a little piece out, and for this, I'm going to cut this out, the shell off of the avocado, just real easy, it's not hard to do. Put that aside for us. Okay. And then slice the avocado. Okay. So, coming to the plate here now, what we're going to do is take some of these grapefruit and place that around where the slice of avocado; two of our avocado and also couple more grapefruits in there. Add another two slices of avocado. So, it's really, so, you'll see the nice colors come together on this. Okay. I'm going to take the fennel salad that we've got here and set that up really nice, so we've got some nice colors and, and then we're going to come back into the crab meat that we've got dressed and it's been set with a little bit of mustard. Okay, and just set that up inside there. Okay, already free flowing. So, here you go, great Florida crab salad; simple, easy and delicious. I'm Chef Allen.


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