How to Pan-Fry Red Snapper With the Skin On

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Just because you plan on pan frying red snapper doesn't mean you have to take the skin off. Pan fry red snapper with the skin on with help from the owner of the acclaimed Chef Allen’s and a James Beard Award recipient in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Chef Allen. Welcome to Allied Kitchen and Bath. We actually have a yellow tail here, which this year is being limited in the catch commercially so that we don't over fish it. When we over fish it, the population can't come back and then we lose out the, on the fish. And we don't want to lose out on varieties of fish. Okay. This is a yellow tail snapper. First off, you've got to make sure you've got fresh fresh fish. Okay. With looking at fish, clear eye, the gut should be cleaned in the belly. Okay. This has been trimmed, we cut off the, the fins so it's nice and tight. So, now what we have to do is the skin is, the skin is wonderful; it adds lots of flavor and that's what we want to do is add to that. So, I'm going to take sharp knife and put some gouges in this. Okay. Three gouges on that and then again on this side. Cutting through, cutting through on each one. After this is cooked, we're going to have this nice little fish steaks which is going to be, really be wonderful. So, here's what I'm going to do is stuff this fish with a lot of flavor. Okay. So, the flavors that we're going to use is a couple of cinnamon sticks. Okay. Along with that, I'm going to take a nice wedge of lemon. I'm going to put that in there. And then, I've got some nice herbs to go in. Okay. So, I've got a little bit of thyme. I've got some tarragon, as well as some mint. Okay. So, these are very aromatic. That's really what we want. We want these aromatics in the belly. Okay. Look at that; right in the belly. So, that's going to be our fish so the flavors go inside. Now, for the outside, what we're going to do, I'll put this aside, the same flavors, we're going to take a little bit of thyme; so as you can see, you just rub your finger on that, that comes off. A little bit of mint; so, you're going to tear that, that mint right here, as well as a little bit of that tarragon. The same thing with the tarragon, you take your fingers and just pull on the, the leaves so that you don't get the stem. The stem is a little bit hard to chew on and eat. I'm going to cut more leaves of the tarragon. Tarragon is sweet. The mint is sweet, the thyme adds some nice depth to it. So, what we're going to do is take that and chop this up, roughly chop. Okay. Along with that, I'm going to take some garlic and just really fine, fine slices of garlic. I'm going to take one more set like that, just. Okay. Now, we're going to mix that altogether. And this we're going to take and we have this little slits in the fish. Now, we're going to put the, you're going to stuff those slits with the herbs. So, we've got the herbs in the belly; we've got the herbs on the outside. We've got lots of flavors going on. This thing is, is going to fall out, so, we'll just cut him in half and get him in there on the belly because we like that flavor. Okay. Here, we're going to season it, little bit of salt and pepper. Turn him over again and get the other side too, salt and pepper. And a little bit of extra virgin olive oil here. So, the secret to cooking fish, whole fish with the skin on is in the pan. Okay. The pan has to be really hot. So, I've been warming up this pan, it's a little bit oblong shape to hold the fish. I'm just going to put a little bit of extra virgin olive oil in there. Okay. We've got the olive oil on the fish as well and now, we're going to take that fish and place it in there. When you put the fish in, what you need to do also, high heat and also just holding the fish down so it doesn't swelter on the bottom. So, you want to give a little bit of pressure, put a spatula, just holding it, making sure that the whole fish is getting in there. Now, after you've done that even to the head, you want to give it a little bit of a shake and shake, there you go. We're going to turn that over in just a few moments. So, with this, we're actually not going to finish it on the stove top because it's a whole fish. So, what we're going to do is take this first off and turn it over; so, I'm going to take this and turn it over now. Okay. The skin is all mostly intact which is really want we want to do. Just drizzle a little bit of olive oil on that, moisten it a little bit; okay; kind of brushing that around. And then, what we're going to do is take this and put it into a 350 oven. So, you're going to take the whole fish with the pan into a preheated 350 oven. This fish will probably take about 10 minutes to cook. Okay. So, what you do is you sear it on both sides, then into the oven for about 10 minutes, it'll cook through to the bone, which is really what we want to do. When we take it out later, we're going to serve it with a great orange sauce; this orange citrus sauce with some olive and pine nuts, it's going to be delicious. I'm Chef Allen. Thanks. See you then.


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