How to Make a Mango Bellini

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Making a mango Bellini is a great way to enjoy some rich, natural flavors. Make a mango Bellini with help from the owner of the acclaimed Chef Allen’s and a James Beard Award recipient in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Chef Allen. I'm cooking with one of my favorite ingredients; this is not even cooking, this is absolutely flavor in a bottle because it's a bellini. It's a mango bellini. Mangoes are wonderful and you know what, you can't judge a mango by the skin of this, of the fruit. Green, red, yellow, orange, they're all wonderful mangoes. Each one is a different flesh, each one is a different flavor. There's not one better than the other. They're all wonderful. You can use them sweet, when they're very ripe or you can use them sour when they're tart. It depends on what dish you're doing. For this bellini though, we're going to take it sweet and nice and flavorful. We've got some mangoes here. Let me show you how to cut a mango and that's the hardest part of this recipe. To cut a mango, what happens is you let the mango rest. So, that's the cheek. You have a top cheek and a bottom cheek. Turn it halfway and with a large knife, just off center, we're going to cut through it. Look at that. You're going to take that again, turn that around; again, just off center because the big seed in the center and cut through that as well. Now, we have two cheeks of mango. On the mango, what I'm going to do is two things. First off, we're going to take a nice little paring knife and cut lines and make a little checker board. Watch this. Just a little checker board on the first one. Okay. Now, here; alright watch this, it just pops out. This thing is flavor. That's mango, my favorite ingredient. So, with this, what I'm going to do is take this and come over to our bellini glass; watch this, and just cut a couple of pieces of the mango right into the bellini glass. Champagne glass is a bellini glass. Okay. So, we've got a couple of nice pieces of mango going in there. Then, so, these are going to be our garnish for that. So, we've got some nice slices of mango. With that, I'm going to just set that forward. Now, bellini is about Prosecco. Prosecco is an Italian sparkling wine. It should be fresh, okay, only about six months on the bottle, not aged. But, it comes in with a, a top cork with a, just like a, you have a champagne, but this comes from Italy, the Venice area. And take it and pop it, hold onto the cork. Okay. And then, just pour the bellini, the Prosecco over the mango. It doesn't need to be, just taking your time. The mango flavor is so strong that it infuses right in. Some people may use a puree for mango, but for me, I, I just love that because look, look how sexy that looks. That looks wonderful. Now, to garnish it, just go onto as I had cut before. Cheers! Mangoes rule.


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