How to Pan-Fry Shrimp in Butter & Garlic

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Pan-frying shrimp can be taken to the next level by cooking it in both butter and garlic. Find out how to pan-fry shrimp in butter and garlic with help from the owner of the acclaimed Chef Allen’s and a James Beard Award recipient in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Chef Allen. There's a lot of flavor going on here and that's why we call it flavors, but actually it's a great event focused on sustainable seafood. We're going to do a shrimp and garlic dish here. Actually, it's a garlic and guava shrimp. And sustainable seafood is very important to me as well as the flavors. So, this is going to be a great dish to show you that it's garlic guava shrimp and we're going to start off with a pan and a little bit of olive oil here. A little bit of garlic because garlic I like to start to cook that sort of easy, get that flavor going, get those aromatics going on in the kitchen. And it's just going to start to, as it starts to sizzle, that's kind of what we want to see and adding in the onions. Okay. Onions' aromatic flavorful add depth and dimension to what we're doing here with the garlic at the same time. So, we're going to just let that start to, to cook a little bit. As it starts to cook, what I'm going to do is come back to our shrimp here and just put them onto the table because what we want to do is season the shrimp before they go in. So, seasoning with a little bit of salt and black pepper. Okay. Also some cumin and a real flavorful, star anise. This is a star anise which is another anise flavor and just going to kind of crack those stars. What I'm doing is cracking that star into the shrimp. Okay. So, now, just taking that, kind of wipe it on the table so we can get it all coated. As you can see, really nice coating of the, the spices. Seasoning shrimp, shrimps are almost like a sponge sometimes. So, you have to season it well; as we go back to the pan here, you can see we've started to get some color. So, I'm going to, to put the shrimp into the pan and when you put shrimp in, I like to layer, lay it down so that they're not sitting on each other, but sort of getting in there. So, you kind of do that, any extra spice would go inside. Just let them start to cook a little bit. Okay. Shrimp don't take long; so it take only about two minutes overall for this shrimp to cook. So, you're going to start to let that simmer, cooking the first side. Okay. So, the shrimp have been cooking; as we start to see they turn pink. We're going to turn them over. We're going to add a lot of flavor into this with the garlic, already in the, aromatic of the onion and the garlic as we turn that. Now, I'm going to add a little bit of fresh orange juice, just a little bit. Citrus add some acidity to it, which is nice. And we're going to add a little bit more acidity with some fresh lime juice; okay; we've got some key lime, it just brings up the flavor, really nice in this sauce. Additionally, we're going to add a little bit of rum, okay and just a little bit and a little flambe there. Now, as that cooks off, what we're going to do is add in the butter, okay. So, you're going to add in some butter into that. That's going to melt down and thicken the sauce as well as some of these diced guava. And it's going to add some nice sweetness to it as well as depth of flavor. So, with that, again, just now we're going to whisk in the sauce, whisking in the sauce like that. Okay. You can see the sauce starting to thicken. What I'm going to do here is take our shrimp out of the sauce. Okay. Just whisk the garlic, guava, butter; you can start to see the change of the color on the sauce here which is really wonderful. Pour that sauce right over the shrimp. Along with that, we're just going to finish a little bit of fresh herb. Okay. So, a little cilantro just right on top. And there you have it, garlicy guava shrimp. It's great flavorful, this is fresh shrimp, sustainable seafood by Chef Allen.


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