Pineapple Smoothie With Condensed Milk

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You can make a pineapple smoothie with condensed milk right in the comfort of your very own kitchen. Find out how to prepare a pineapple smoothie with condensed milk with help from a professionally-trained chef and culinary instructor in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

My name's Chef Egg with Cooking With Egg TV out of Baltimore, Maryland, and I'm going to show you guys how to make a pineapple protein smoothie with condensed milk. To make this smoothie we're going to use some fresh ginger, coconut water, sweet and condensed milk, some Icelandic Skier, frozen pineapple and some ice. So this smoothie is going to pack a punch. Now the first thing we need is some ice. We're going to start this smoothie out with a cup of ice then we're going to throw in some frozen pineapple and frozen pineapple's really good because it's inexpensive and it's sweet all year around. So we're going to throw in a cup of the frozen pineapple in there, we're going to throw some fresh ginger in here and the fresh ginger is going to give it some great flavor, but it also has some really good health benefits, such as being a great anti-inflammatory for your whole entire body. So we're going to throw in two chunks of ginger in there. Now we need some liquid to make this move around in the blender. So we're going to add some coconut water. Now coconut water is really great for your hydration and it's going to add a great flavor to our smoothie as well. So we're going to add some sweetened condensed milk to this and all sweetened condensed milk is, is milk that's been boiled down by half and a lot of sugar has been added to it. So it's really thick and viscus. So we're going to take this, it's about a quarter of a cup and throw it right in our blender. And now it's time to add our protein power punch to this. And what I have for protein today is Icelandic Skier. And Icelandic Skier is actually and Icelandic cheese that looks a lot like Greek yogurt. But it's got some great qualities. It's really, really thick. It's got a really nice tangy flavor, it's going to be really wonderful in this smoothie. But it also has zero fat and 18 grams of protein per serving. So we're going to add about a cup of this Skier to our blender. All right. Everything's in the blender and we are ready to make things happen. So I'm going to put my top on, put my blender on high and then we're going to turn it on. All right. This looks pretty tasty. It looks pretty smooth. So this smoothie looks nice and smooth, so we're going to serve it up and see how it tastes. So this has tons of protein and I think it's going to be a wonderful smoothie for you to enjoy after your workout. Cheers. My name's Chef Egg, and that's how you make a protein pineapple smoothie with condensed milk.


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