Easy Taco Soup Recipe

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Taco soup doesn't have to be the most difficult meal you try to cook all week. Learn how to prepare an easy taco soup recipe with help from a professionally-trained chef and culinary instructor in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

My name is Chef Egg with Cooking With Egg TV out of Baltimore, Maryland, and I'm going to show you guts at home how to make an easy taco soup recipe. In order to make this really awesome soup we're going to need a couple of really simple ingredients. We've got some chicken breast over here about eight ounces, one packet of taco seasoning, a cup and a half of chopped onion, a quarter cup of white rice. To that we're going to add a can of black eyed peas, which have been drained of all of their liquid. Next we're going to add some canned hominy, which is just like corn except it's got big white puffy kernels that are actually treated with alkali to give it this really authentic taste and look. Next we're going to add some canned tomatoes and jalapenos. To top off our tortilla soup we're going to make a nice refreshing salad with fresh radishes, red onion, fresh cilantro, a little squeeze of lime and we're actually going to fry up some corn tortillas. All right. Let's make this soup. The first thing we're going to do is put a little vegetable oil in the pan. We've got about eight ounces of chopped chicken breast, throw that in there. A little bit of salt, a little bit of fresh cracked pepper. We're going to stir this around until the chicken gets golden brown. Now once the chicken's golden brown we're going to take some chopped onion, throw it there and we're going to take a quarter cup of rice, pour it right in there. We're going to saute the onions and the rice with the chicken until they get golden brown as well. Now taco seasoning costs about a dollar and it's got all the spices that you'll need, your onion, garlic, cumin and chili pepper. It's a great value and it tastes really great in this soup. Next we're going to take some of our black eyed peas and you can use white beans, black beans, pinto beans for this. It all turns out great. Add our hominy. We're going to take our canned tomatoes and jalapenos, it's going too add a great tomato as well as spicy flavor from the jalapenos. Give this a stir. And all of these ingredients are going to be cooked together with a little bit of pre-made chicken stock. We've got one quart right here. So we're going to slowly pour that in and that looks wonderful. This is going to be awesome. Give is a nice stir, and now we're going to simmer this soup covered about twenty minutes so all the flavors can come together. Now while our soup's simmering we're going to make a really authentic radish salsa to top our soup and give it a nice crunch. So we're going to take some white radishes that have been diced up nice, a little bit of red onion, about two tablespoons of red onion. And then do a little squeeze of lime over top. Squeeze that lime in there, it looks wonderful. And we're going to take some fresh cilantro. So this salsa's going to have a nice bright flavor. Pop the fresh cilantro in there. Give it a pinch of salt, a little fresh cracked pepper. Stir this up. Just set this aside until your soup's ready to rock. Now this is called tortilla soup. So you can get store bought tortillas, put that on your soup and you'll be just fine. Or you can take some fresh corn tortillas, chop them into little pieces, a little chip size and throw them in about a cup of hot oil. That looks wonderful. Keep them moving around. In about a minute you're going to get crispy tortillas. So these tortillas are golden brown, we're going to take them out of the pan, they're nice and crispy. Lay them down on a plate lined with some paper towels, and then finally before they cool off sprinkle with a little bit of salt. Now this soup has been simmering for twenty minutes so we're going to carefully take the lid off. It smells awesome. So we're going to take some of the vegetables and rice and put it right in our bowl. And then we're going to top it off with some of that beautiful broth. The tomato's cooked down, the jalapenos smell really great. We're going to throw that in our bowl. And then we're going to top it off with some of our tortillas. And then we're going to add some of our fresh radish salsa and that's going to give a beautiful fresh vibrant crunch to our soup. So let's say we dig in and see what happens. I'm Chef Egg, and that's how you make easy taco soup.


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