Devil's Food Cupcakes With Brown Sugar & Butter Cream

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Devil's food cupcakes typically use brown sugar and butter cream as primary ingredients. Make devil's food cupcakes with brown sugar and butter cream with help from an experienced baking professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hey, it's Yvette Garfield with Handstand Kids Cookbook Company. Today, we're going to be using our baking cookbook to make devil's food cupcakes with brown sugar and butter cream. This is Victoria, how old are you now? Five and a half. And you love cupcakes, don't you? Yes. You love chocolate ones and that's why we're going to do devil's food which is sort of the counter part to angel's food. So we're going to start with our ingredients. Remember what this is? Flour. You got it babe let's pour it in there, perfect, whoo! Okay, so keep mixing that, give it a little bit of a mix, this is our coco powder, it's unsweetened and I'm going to pour that in, we're going to use a brown sugar, which gives it a little more of a richer flavor, okay and pour that in, keep mixing. You can use a hand mixer which makes it easier, but we like to do a little more authentic, we're doing baking at home so we're going to keep this from scratch. Put all our good muscle into it. Using your muscles? Yes. Okay we have a little bit of baking powder, we're going to pour in, alright let me get that in there and baking soda makes everything rise beautifully. Is that salt? Yes. Yes, it kind of funny we're putting salt in cupcakes, but just a pinch. Okay and now we're going to put in our wet ingredients so we have two eggs. You want to help me with the eggs? So let's put the shell on the side when you're done, with two hands, good let's get this, beautiful no shell inside, great, one more, give it a crack. Do you want to to go ahead and pour the milk in? Yes. Okay, alright give that a mix, get that all blended together so we're right now mixing our wet and our dry ingredients so we get a nice batter. And the last thing we're going to add is our, what is it? Butter. So just about a half a stick we're going to put that in and we're going to use our. I think you have to melt it. Yes, it's going to melt in there as soon as you start mixing it. And we're going to put the oven at 325 and this will make about 12 to 15 cupcakes. What's your favorite thing to eat Victoria? Frosting. And that's what we're going to make so we have some whipping cream. You want to pour that in our bowl there? One handed, okay, professional. Now we have some dark coco powder. You want to pour that in? Yes. You want to smell it first? Smell like chocolate? A little bit? At last we're going to do a little bit of butter. You want to go ahead and pour that in? Here we'll do that together, nice. Is that the frosting, are we done? No. What do we have to do to it? Mix it. You got it so we are going to mix that up, just use a hand immersion blender and it's going to come together really fast and the heavy cream is going to maybe get super thick. Alright so Victoria just helped me finish these amazing devil's food cupcakes with butter cream. What do you think, what should we do with them now? Eat them. How did we do? This is Yvette with Handstand Kids and Victoria who is enjoying our devil's food cupcakes with a brown sugar and butter cream. Thank you Victoria. Your welcome.


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