Lunch With Meatballs for Kids

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A wide variety of different kids lunches can use delicious meatballs as a primary ingredient. Find out about a lunch with meatballs that you can make for kids with help from an experienced baking professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hey, it's Yvette Garfield with Handstand Kids Cookbooks. Today, we're learning to make a great lunch for your kids with meatballs from our Italian Cookbook Kit. Get ready to start cooking. So we're going to take last night's leftovers and make a great lunch for your kid. We're going to make a meatball sandwich which is like a Hero so today the mom is going to be the hero making the sandwich. We have some turkey meatballs leftover from last night's spaghetti dinner and we're going to take a regular hotdog bun and we're going to build this Hero sandwich. So we're going to go ahead and stick a couple of meatballs in here. Make it nice and hearty. And then we're going to use some marinara sauce. I blended up some broccoli and put it right into the sauce. So you get a little more vegetables in there. So you just go ahead and put it on. And this is a great school lunch. I'll give you a tip for keeping it warm. So if you're serving to kids that are in school it's not going to be an issue. Go ahead and add the cheese so it's nice and melty. So now that we've built our sandwiches we're going to go ahead and pop these in the oven for about ten minutes. You can use the toaster oven or the large oven and just so it gets toasty and all the cheese melts. So we have our toasted sandwiches here and for a little home cooked garnish we're just going to add some fresh basil from the garden. So we're going to chiffonade our basil which basically means just roll it. Just roll it up just a few leaves at a time and then give it a little slice. And it cuts it into these nice little curls that look really excellent on the sandwich. So when your kids open up their school lunch the other kids will be very jealous. So we're just going to go ahead and garnish with a few pieces on each sandwich. And my tip for keeping it warm throughout the day is to just go ahead and take your sandwich about five minutes after it's out of the toaster and just wrap it up right in the foil and seal it up both ends here and that should keep it toasty until your kids school lunch. Thanks for joining us and making a great lunch with meatballs for your kids. I guarantee they'll love it. Make sure to check out the recipe in your Handstand Kids Italian Cookbook.


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