How to Make a Large Pizza for a Family

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When making a large pizza for a family, you're always going to want to make sure you keep a few important things in mind. Make a large pizza for a family with help from an experienced baking professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hey, it's Yvette Garfield with Handstand Kids Cookbook Company. Today, we're going to be cooking from our Italian cookbook kit, and teach you how to make a large pizza for your whole family. My tip is if we're going to save a little time, pick up some dough from your local pizzeria, it's better than store made and it has a kind of a local feel. And my tip is to use a pie tin so everybody gets to make their pizza exactly the way they want it. So you have your dough I would go with whole wheat if it's an option a great way to get some whole grains into the diet and then I use some whole wheat flour, go ahead and pour it on your dough and then go ahead and work the dough, I like to use my hands, I think that's a little bit more precise, get's out some aggression from the day and it's just a better feel and you can make it exactly how you like. If it's, some people in the family like extra thin crust, some people like thick, it gets it exactly how you want it. And then in your pie tin you could go ahead and put a little flour at the bottom or you could try to use some corn meal as well, which gives it different texture, which is nice. So we're going to go ahead and mold it to our pie tin, I like my crust a little bit thick, I'm going to spread it out there and then we're next step is we're going to pour the sauce right on, I love using a plain marinara. Start in the middle and then you're going to use the back of your spoon to really spread it out and I keep it about, about like half an inch to three quarters of an inch from the ends so you have a nice crust there. So my favorite part of course is the cheese, I like heavy cheese, go ahead and start in the middle work your way out again and leave a little bit of room on the edges, just so when it cooks you have that nice little crust. And then for mine I'm going to put some veggie peperoni on, your kids might like regular peperoni, some people might want vegetarian, I'm going to try and of course I'm going to make a smiley face, so I'll know it's mine. So when everyone has built their individual pizzas, the great part about making this size is they cook super fast. So we're going to put it the oven at 350 for about 8 to 12 minutes depending on how toasty you like it. Here we go, here's my finished veggie peperoni pizza, I'm excited to eat it. Hope you enjoy your pizza with your family.


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