Sunflower Seed, Carrot & Rice Veggie Burger

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Sunflower seeds, carrots and rice can come together to form a really delicious veggie burger that all can enjoy. Find out how to prepare sunflower seeds, carrots and rice veggie burgers with help from Chef Mareya Ibrahim, The Fit Foody and creator of, in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hey, everybody. This is chef Mareya with, and today I'm going to show you how to make a sunflower seed, carrot and rice veggie burger. So I'm going to combine sunflower seeds, I've got unsalted, about half a cup. I've got some grated carrot that I've washed with Eat Cleaner fruit and vegetable wash. I've got three cups of uncooked brown rice and I'm also going to add in some raw cashews and a little bit of flax meal. So let's get started. I'm going to rely on my food processor for most of the work for this. I'm going to take the sunflower seeds and I'm also going to add in the cashews and I'm going to take about a tablespoon of the flax seed. So I'm going to add those in and I'm going to process this until we get a nice fine meal. Now I'm going to add my brown rice, add that in, and then I'm going to add in my freshly grated carrot and this is all going to get pulsed together to a fine cohesive meal. So with that I'm going to add just a little bit of grape seed oil in there. Try and keep my food as oil free as possible. Just a little bit. And by doing this I can keep my dish vegan as well. Then I'm going to add in my seasoning. So I have some ground pepper, some black pepper. I put black pepper in almost all my dishes. Just seems like the right spice for every meal almost. Every dish. And then I've got some organic oregano. And I've got a little bit of Kosher salt. OK. Now we're going to get processing again. OK so I've got my pan nice and hot and I'm just going to start making the patties as this cooks. Really easy. Got my mixture here and they're holding together really well and you can make these as small or as large as you want. If you're going to serve it like an actual burger on a patty, about yay big, press them down so they cook well. I'm going to cook these until they're nice and brown on each side. Now, because we're not cooking meat you don't have to be as concerned about to getting to a certain internal temperature. This is all plant based. But I do want a nice golden brown crust on each side. You are not going to miss the meat in this at all. I added in some green onion because I love the taste of just a little bit of fried green onion on my burger. And it's a combination of nuts, seeds, carrot, brown rice, little bit of oil and some amazing seasonings. It's so simple. Cook them about four minutes on each side. You just want to get that nice golden brown. These smell really good. Little topping. Horse radish for me. And then I've got one with ketchup for my friend and then the other one I'm going to leave a blank canvas for you. You can decide what you want to put on there. Delicious. So I'm Mareya with I hope you try my vegan burgers with carrot, sunflower seeds and a lot of other great spices so delicious and so nutritious. Enjoy it in good health and I'll see you really soon.


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