How to Cook Green Beans Fresh From the Garden

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Cooking green beans that are fresh from the garden always requires you to keep a thing or two in mind. Cook green beans that are fresh from the garden with help from Chef Mareya Ibrahim, The Fit Foody and creator of, in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hey, everybody. This is Chef Mareya with And today, I'm going to show you how to cook fresh green beans from your garden. Now, if you're not growing them in your garden, no problem. You can grab these at a farmer's market, your local grocery store, wherever you buy fresh produce. And I love to cook these, because first of all, they're so delicious and nutritious, and they're so easy to make, it takes five minutes. So, I'm going to show you how prepare them really simply with a nice, fresh vinaigrette and some slivered almonds, it's going to be really tasty. So, the first thing I do is, I wash these with a Eat Cleaner Fruit and Vegetable Wash. You want to make sure you do that as a first step to remove any agricultural residue, pesticide residue, or just from people touching them. And then, all you're going to do is, snap the tops off. Now, the great thing about green beans, is they don't really need to be cut and you don't want to cut too much of them off, so you're wasting them. So, I just snap the tops off, get the stems out of there. And if they do have the spine on there, just that little thread, you can peel that off too. These aren't so bad, so I'm just going to leave them on there. So, I've got these almost, already done, and I already have some cooking here. And what I'm doing is, I'm boiling them until they're still al dente, you want them to have a little bit of a crunch still. So that they're not mushy, just like that, really simple. And these are ready to go. So, what I've got here, fresh cooked beans. And I'm going to throw these into my ice cold water bath. And what's that going to do is, that's going to keep the color, so that they don't loose that vibrant green, just like that. O.k., so, I've got my fresh cooked green beans, I'm going throw these onto my plate here, and meanwhile, I'm going to make my vinaigrette. This one's going to be really simple. I've got my balsamic vinegar and I'm adding the oil in, a little bit at a time, and I'm emulsifying it. Which just means, I'm basically bringing the oil and the vinegar together,so that they're cohesive. Move it around your, and it's best to do this in a metal bowl. That's starting to take on a nice color, I'm going to add just a tiny bit of kosher salt. And then, this one's going to be lemony, I'm going to take my zest, because that's free calories and tone of flavor. Zest, about, oh, a teaspoon in there, more if you like, season it to your taste. And then, I'm going to just add lots of fresh lemon, I love lemon with the green beans, it's such a great compliment. Got most of that half lemon in there, oh, it smells so good, it's so fresh. O.k., now, I'm going to toss my green beans, I'm going to take them right back in the bowl, pour some of my vinaigrette over it. Give those a little toss and then, top them off with my slivered almonds. And that is a simple as can be, voilà, yum. This is Mareya with, I hope you'll try this fresh green bean recipe and enjoy it in good health, I'll see you soon.


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