Planting Strawberries in a Colander

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Planting strawberries in a colander is a great way to give your fruit proper drainage. Find out about planting strawberries in a colander with help from the founder of in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi there. I'm Christy Wilhelmi with Gardenerd, and I'm here to show you how to plant strawberries in a colander. This is not the most attractive colander but you get the idea. Seek out some beautiful antique colanders or enameled colanders, they all work really well for planting and of course they have really good drainage. And what you want to do though in order to keep the soil from falling through is put in a layer of spagnum peat moss. Not peat moss that you incorporate in to your garden, but the spagnum moss that is sold at craft stores or flower centers so that you can put down a layer on the bottom and sides. And by doing that, you'll keep the soil from running through but it will still drain really well. After that, fill the pot, the colander, with good quality potting soil that's suitable for containers. It's important to use something that has enough drainage so that you don't end up with this pot that's really heavy because it's just soaked up with water. OK so the next thing you want to do is plant the actual pot. So you've got your spagnum peat moss, you've got it filled with potting soil, and you will take four plants, if you buy a six pack from the nursery, you can get those definitely in here depending on the size. But you can plant four around the edges and one in the center. And if you have room for six, plant them on a diagonal so you sort of get all those plants in there. Then when they grow they'll hang over the edge and you'll be able to pick them really easily. So that's the first thing. Use water to settle the soil rather then compressing it with your hand. I like to use a nice watering can and the soil will settle and you can add more soil to the container as it settles if it exposes the roots. Then basically you can take it and hang it from wires. You can rig wires around here, punch holes in the sides and hand them from here or you can just set this in a grouping with other containers. And that's how you grow strawberries in a colander. I'm Christy Wilhelmi from Gardenerd.


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