How to Transplant Strawberries in the Summer

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Transplanting strawberries in the summer is easy, so long as you know which steps you need to be following for the best results. Transplant strawberries in the summer with help from the founder of in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Christy Wilhelmi of Garden Nerd and I'm here to show you how to transplant strawberries in the summer. Now summer's not really the ideal time to transplant strawberries or any plants for that matter because the intense sunlight can really fry your plants. So I've got a couple of tips that will help you out. First of all do this at the end of the day and when you plant something at the end of the day it has overnight to get acclimated to its new location and is less likely to completely poop out on you so that's number one. Okay, so if you are transplanting strawberries from one location to another, not just buying nursery stock and putting them in the ground, you'll want to dig up the strawberries, take the entire root ball with it and set it in a container temporarily that is in the shade and maybe even mist it with it water. You don't want to water it too heavily otherwise you'll blast the soil away from the roots and you'll expose the roots to oxygen which we don't want to do so keep them in the shade and then prepare your new area with an inch or so of compost and work that into the existing soil and then transplant that entire root ball into the new space right up to the crown so you don't want to bury the crown just bury the roots and leave the place where the roots come together and the foliage starts above ground. Water your whole area after you've transplanted with kelp emulsion because that helps ease transplant shock and the main thing that you should do in the summer because it's incredibly hot is use shade cloth. Shade cloth comes in different thicknesses so it can block out anywhere from 30 to 70 percent of sun. This is somewhere around a 50 percent shade block so we basically lay this, just drape it straight over your strawberries and that will help keep the sun from scorching your plants that are newly transplanted into a different location. If you need to use hoops and drape it over that to keep them above ground, to keep the strawberries from getting trampled although this is pretty lightweight so it's not going to crush the strawberries at all you can do that and that is basically how you transplant strawberries in summer. I'm Christy Wilhelmi from Garden Nerd.


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