How to Transplant Strawberry Cuttings

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Transplanting strawberry cuttings is a great way to start a new patch in a different location. Transplant strawberry cuttings with help from the founder of in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Christy Wilhelmi with Gardenerd, and I'm going to show you how to transplant strawberries from cuttings. Now cuttings are usually the vines that grow off from the main plant and form little leaf sets and roots of its own. Those are called daughters. And daughters can be transplanted but usually what you do is you'll take that daughter and set it in the ground where you want it to be while it's still attached to the main plant and use a U pin like this to hold it in place. And after about a month or so it will start forming roots and those roots will hold in the ground and after they get established, you can can sever that vine that connects them to the mother plants and they'll be all by themselves. If you want to establish them that way then later on you can transplant them to a newer location or if you have a pot sitting nearby you can root them in a pot outside of your regular bed. So that's one way to do it. Wherever you plant your new transplants, your new cuttings, you're going to want to amend the soil with plenty of organic matter so add compost and organic fertilizer if you're going to at least a half inch to an inch. It's a really good idea to give them a good head start. Then when you do transplant your daughters or your cuttings, you're going to want to water them with kelp emulsion. Because kelp emulsion has a broad spectrum of minerals that helps decrease transplant shock which is very good for your plants. And then this is really hard for people to do but you're going to have to do this because it works. You will have to pinch off the flowers for the first couple of months which strawberries not immediately but stronger plants later on and many more strawberries to come. So use the iron fist of gardening and pinch of those flowers for at least two to three months and then your plants will reward you later on. And that's how to grow strawberries from cuttings. I'm Christy Wilhelmi with Gardenerd.


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