How to Clean Up a Strawberry Patch

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Cleaning up a strawberry patch always requires you to have a few key tools at the ready. Find out how to clean up a strawberry patch with help from the founder of in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Christy Wilhelmi with Gardenerd, and today I'm going to show you how to clean up a strawberry patch. Strawberries are pretty much low maintenance but every once in awhile they need a face lift let's just say. So what happens here is you'll end up with a lot of new growth and some of the old growth will die away. So if you go in here you're going to see a lot of dead stuff and strawberries that may have rotted and some leaves that have turned brown like this. You want to pull those off and take them out. The reason why we remove dead material rather than leaving it there as a mulch is because it encourages sow bugs and pill bugs because pill bugs love to eat decaying matter and what is mulch if not decaying matter. So that's all got to come out. And you can compost it and reapply it later as compost so it doesn't go to waste. So when you pull out your diseases and moldy strawberries and things like that, you'll be left with a lot of new growth. Which is great. So then what you want to do is put down a layer of compost. I shake it over the top of the strawberries and then sort of shake the plants and it all sort of drops down. Not so deep that you end up covering the crowns. We'll talk about in some other video but you'll end up fertilizing your plants at the same time. Now there are two schools of thought around daughters. And those are the little critters that form new strawberries off of a trail and some people say to cut them off because it decreases the energy and ability for the main plants to grow. Others like to root them so you can do that. If you choose or just snip them off and toss them in a compost bin. So then every other year what I do for healthy strawberries. I actually lift all of the plants out so I'll clean out all the dead stuff and I'll lift the plants out and set them in a container in the shade. I'll add a couple inches of compost or new soil and then I'll replant the strawberries. And that revitalizes them for another couple of years so you never have to throw away or pull and replant your new plants ever. You just keep harvesting from your existing plants for years and years. So that's how to clean up a strawberry bed and I'm Christy Wilhelmi of Gardenerd.


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