Growing Strawberries Above Ground

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Growing strawberries above ground is something you can do in a regular raised bed. Find out about growing strawberries above ground with help from the founder of in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Christy Wilhelmi of Garden Nerd, and we're talking about how to grow strawberries above ground and I have a raised bed you can grow strawberries in raised beds, you can grow them in the ground but if you want to grow them above ground you can use containers like this, raised beds, hanging planters, you can even put them in towers or vertically in wall gardens and it works just about the same as in the ground. The trick with growing anything above ground or in a container is that it will dry out faster so you'll need to water it more often and you need at least 6 inches of growing space so this container is deep enough that it will support a strawberry root system so you can use containers like that and it's really easy to grow above ground it helps avoid bugs which is great, a lot of times strawberries will be eaten by little sow bugs so when you grow them above ground you can kind of avoid that. The key to growing strawberries in containers is to use a really good quality loamy soil and loamy means it holds moisture well but drains well, holds nutrients and, and you don't have to worry too much about the pot drying out really quickly. Of course the bigger the pot, the better the moisture retention so use a large enough pot for what you're growing you know don't use a 4 inch pot to grow a couple of strawberries you won't get too much out of it but a nice size pot like this you can get probably 6 to 8 strawberry plants in here so that'll, that'll work really well and when you water your plants you'll also want to feed them occasionally. So using kelp emulsion in your water solution will help keep them happy and productive and you can feed them monthly with an organic vegetable fertilizer. So that's pretty much all you need to know about growing strawberries above ground. I'm Christy Wilhelmi with Garden Nerd.


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