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Not all Christmas cutout cookies are difficult to put together. Get an easy Christmas cutout cookie recipe with help from a professional and passionate chef in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Chef Amee Hoge, and I'm here to teach you how to play with food. Where you take a classic recipe, change it up a little bit and create a whole new dish. Today we're working on holiday treats and this one is a simple roll out coolie that you can cut out and it's actually gingerbread. I love gingerbread it's thin, it's crisp and there's not a whole, I mean there's sugar in here, but not as much as normal other cookies and they're, you can put frosting on them if you want or you don't have to. Let me show you how to do this so we're going to start out now, my, my tip for this is using shorting, I'm not a big shortening person, but when you're rolling out cookies and you don't want them to stick to everything, stick to the counter, stick to the rolling pin, shortening is just your friend, it works, it doesn't get as soft and it melty as the butter does. So I'm going to add some shortening, half a cup of shortening, three quarters of a cup of regular sugar, you can also add brown sugar instead if you want. I'm just going to smash this down with my rubber spatula, this is totally one of my favorite tools, I mean it's versatile especially the ones that are high heat, you can use them on the stove, it's a great, great tool. Okay I'm just going to mix it up a little bit, flatten it out, one thing chefs always do and I want to teach you is roll your bowl, move your bowl, okay? And then what we're going to do is we're going to go ahead and add one egg, okay and mix that up, now nice, eggs always kind of loosen up the dough a little bit. Now one half a cup of molasses, I like molasses, molasses to me says, fall, it says holiday, it says fall, it says Thanksgiving. I'm going to mix that up. Now I know a lot of people like to dump and mix, that doesn't work with most cookies, don't dump and mix it'll just make it really difficult to get everything incorporated, I promise, okay? And then I'm going to have some cinnamon, nutmeg, mace or allspice and ginger, okay about a teaspoon of each, don't want to make it too spicy, or too, or it is spicy, it gets very spicy if you add too much. So we're going to dump that in there. And then last, but not least is our flour, okay so I'm going to add, this is 3 cups of flour and I'm going to add about a half of that at once. Now I might even incorporate my pastry blender, my dough blender because this is a lot like a shortbread dough. Oh and I'm, look at me I'm making a mess! That's what you're supposed to do, playing in the kitchen, playing with food. So I got that, flip it around, I'm going to add a little bit more actually I'm going to add the rest, we're going in, we're going in. Alright so I had to use my pastry cutter because I really like how it blends it up really well and then what I'm going to do and I had to add a little bit of water, it's kind of dry where I'm at and I had to add a little, about a tablespoon maybe two and you can do that easily when you're at this stage in mixing. So it should be kind of like a, a soft crumble stage, right here and then when you squish it together with your hand, oops, it should come together. So what I'm going to do is I'm going to take probably about this amount, maybe an eighth of this batter, I'm going to put this over here and I'm going to roll that out on some wax paper. Okay to me this is the easiest way to do this because I do like cookie cutouts, I think they're really fun. I'm going to take my small, my wooden rolling pin and I just roll it right on the middle, okay I turn it around, I don't want it too thin, sometimes it moves around a lot, it's okay once you get it going it doesn't move as much, but it gives me the flexibility when you roll it out in wax paper, you could use parchment if you have it, but it gives me flexibility of moving it around. Okay and you don't want them too thin and I always use the middle of my rolling pin, I don't use the handles because sometimes it tends to get everything thinner and flatter on the outside and not so much on the inside. So there we go and you can just peal it off, it's like a sticker, I'm going to use my little gingerbread girl. This is probably a quarter of an inch of course you go around the edges first, make good use of your, your cookie dough so you don't have to re-roll it and re-roll it. Sometimes the more you roll the softer it gets and then you have to add more flour and then it makes them tough, you don't want to add more flour if you don't have to. So with this method you don't really have to do that. Oops, got the cut, I love little mittens, so scoop it, sometimes the dough moves, I flip it over really gently, but you see I didn't have to chill this dough, that's kind of the, my favorite part about this and I have to press down a little bit hard on my metal spatula, flip it over, cook it like that, okay? That's pretty much it. Alright and there you have it. You can decorate them with some royal icing when they're cooled off, but basically you're going to bake this in the oven at 325, they're a thinner cookie a lot like a shortbread, for about 8 to 10 minutes. These really don't take that long. So here's your final product. Thank you for joining me. I'm Chef Amee Hoge. For more information about me you can check me out at my website at chefamme with two E's dot com.


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