How to Fix Spills on a Wood Table

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No matter how hard you try to prevent it, you will eventually spill something on your wood table. Find out how to fix spills on a wood table with help from a 46-year-old master precision craftsman in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Todd Languell, The Flying Furniture Guy from R and D Wood Shop in Scotia, New York. Today, I want to show you how to fix spills on a wood table. You can see here that a spill or something a coffee or whatever has been hit onto this table. Okay for a situation like this what I like to use is Howard's Restore a Finish. This s a really great product because it kind of takes care of all the damage, melts the finish blends it all together. You have two ways that you can apply this restore a finish. You can apply it with a rag. Now this is a wipe on wipe off application. You wipe it on, you let it set for a few minutes. Now if there's a little bit of a tough area right there what you need to do is you need to grab some steel wool. Real light steel wool. You pour this product right onto the steel wool and then right onto your surface. You rub it a little bit harder in those areas, not rubbing too hard because you can take off all the finish. But you want to rub it vigorously to the point where you think you got all of the damage gone. Alright and lets just get this front edge, we get a nice view. And need a little bit more attention on this spot. Looks like this spill has been on there for awhile. You can start to feel and see all of the damage is gone. I'll show you here in a second. Let me finish wiping this down. Now with this product you simply wipe it on. You wait for a few minutes and you wipe it off. I'll give you a quick look here. You can see almost all of the splash mark that was completely all the way over to the other side is gone. Now after this part of the process part two is your Howard Feed and Wax. And this is the same application. It's,you are going to wipe it on and you are going to wipe it off. You apply it with a rag or with steel wool depending on how bad is the damaged area is. You can put it right on your rag like that. Wipe it right on your furniture. Or using steel wool on those areas that need a little bit extra attention. So we go ahead and wipe this off at this time. We can buff it with small circular motions or you just buff it with the grain. I'm Todd Languell, The Flying Furniture Guy, and this was how to fix spills on a wood table.


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