How to Repair Wood Chair Legs

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Repairing wood chair legs doesn't require you to be an experienced professional. Get tips that you can use when repairing wooden chair legs with help from a 46-year-old master precision craftsman in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Todd Languell, The Flying Furniture Guy from from R&D Wood Shop in Scotia, New York. Today, I want to show you how to repair wood chair legs. Okay, you can see I've got a nice break here on this chair. Somebody must have stepped on this, used this as something else than what it should have been. This is really support for the chair, it's not to be stepped on. What you first wanted to do is determine the size of the dowel that you want to replace this, you use a caliper to set it to the depth or the width of the rung. You want to determine how wide that is, you can put it right up to your ruler, you can see that's three quarters of an inch, right there, okay and then you want test it on your dowel to make sure you've got the right one. Which you can see that I have here. What I like to do is I like to use a spreader on this chair and what this does is it, this spreads the chair out just enough, so it might pop out another one or it gives you a chance to get this one out. And what you want to do is you want to wiggle it back and forth, there it goes. So what you need to determine is you need determine the approximate length of that dowel, so you take a measurement, edge to edge and I'll show you from this side, edge to edge is about thirteen and three quarters, but then you got to remember that you have to stick it inside the dowel or inside the back leg, those depths are usually around three quarters of an inch of an inside depth for where the dowel has to go. So you want to be sure to add the distance of where that dowel goes in and where this dowel goes in to the total distance, so I set it at thirteen and three quarters, plus an inch and a half, so we know that if we have thirteen and three quarters and an inch and a half, we have fifteen and a quarter. So we mark off our dowel, fifteen and a quarter. So you want to just give yourself a little bit of a mark where this dowel has to be taken back a little bit, you can use the same measurement for the other side, just as an approximate and you mark it all the way around. Now there's a number of different ways in order to get this curve at the end, you can use a radial arm, you can use, you can use a band saw, what I like to use is, is I like to use and X-Acto Knife and I, I score it all the way around the outside edge and then you can use a chisel or a knife and you're going to pull it back until you're pulling out just a little bit, so you're basically carving out the end of the dowel all the way around until it fits inside that hole. You could see it needs to go a little bit more. Once you get it to that point, you go ahead and test it, see how it's going to fit, you could see I could probably go just a little bit more, we'll go just a touch. When you shove it in there, there will be some marring on the outside, I don't know if you're going to be able to see that, but there will be some marring on the outside of the new cuts and that will tell you exactly where you have to shim it or shave it just a little bit more. Now there we go, boy that fit right in there now and you can see that fit all the way down to the bottom. And that's it, once you fit it into the one side you're going to do the exact same thing to fit it into the other, you're going to add glue and clamp it down. And I'm Todd Languell, The Flying Furniture Guy and this was how to repair wood chair legs.


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