Sherry Cake With Butter Extract

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Sherry cake, when made properly with butter extract, is really something to behold. Find out how to make delectable sherry cake with butter extract with help from a personal chef and baker in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Minerva Vázquez, and welcome to my kitchen in Miami, Florida. As a personal chef and baker I have a special recipe for you. Today we're making sherry cake and this is a very, very easy recipe because the foundation here it is a special ingredient, which is dry sherry. Now we're not talking about the fruit we're talking about the alcohol beverage, but let's start with the first ingredients. First you need a yellow cake mix, okay this is very easy to find any brand will do and we're going to sift it with a small package of instant pudding mix, okay? So let's do that, let's put it all together here, right, pretty cool, no science here. And what I like to do is just put it all together, sift it through, I'm using a colander, you know something really easy to find in your kitchen, no problem, no sweat. You can use a rubber spatula to help yourself, pretty easy, no big deal. And I'm basically done here, just a few more cups here and we are good to go. Now this is the one that I'm using, this is silicone, very easy to use, I mean they're awesome, I really like them a lot, but you know, even though that you don't need to grease it, I like to do it anyway, I don't care, you know it's an extra step, but it's the easy way out, okay? Now I'm put some spray, cooking spray and then flour it lightly and we're going to set it aside. Now my flour is ready let's go for, for the wet ingredients. Now the next thing that I want to do and I'm using the whisk for my mixer, it's really cool, let's bring it down and I'm going to use 4 eggs, okay. I'm going to start beating them, one at a time, I'm using medium speed here. This is a very, very easy recipe, okay, no sweat. Now I'm using half a cup of vegetable oil, canola oil, regular vegetable oil, your favorite oil here. Tada! Now you mix it for a minute or two, pretty cool. Now I want to add extra flavor to this and I am using butter flavored extract, it's to only see through if it's very rich in flavor. You're going to bring the speed down, just a teaspoon will do. And immediately we're going to bring the star of the show, which is the dry sherry, now this is only a cup. Alright and then we need, very easy, two teaspoons of ground nutmeg. I like to use it like this, you know and then I grind it myself, you can use one of these tools and just grate it on top, a couple of times and you're are good to go. And I'm going to introduce the flour mixture a cup at a time. Cup at a time. It's blending very well. I don't, I don't do it, I don't dump it, you know, the whole thing because you may get a couple of lumps here and there and you want, you want to make sure that all your ingredients are well blended without having to over mix your batter. You don't want a tough cake. So this is the very last. Remember to always scrape the sides, very important. Go all the way to the bottom, bring it down and just, you know few more strokes and that's, that's about it. Well here we are again with our sherry cake, this is the final product, it is absolutely beautiful. That's why I love those cake pans that are in silicone especially for this kind of shape that you have here. It looks absolutely beautiful, you don't need anything else or course we always want to dress it up with something, but to make it really simple on you, the only thing that I'm going to do with this cake is take some powdered sugar and take this little tool right here, this colander, okay just take a little bit at a time, it looks great. I mean it doesn't get any easier than this. Of course you can make you own glaze and pour it on the top, but you know, hey what the heck? You know, why complicate your life? Let's make it easy, okay? And one more time my name is Minerva Vázquez. This is your sherry cake, enjoy.


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