Bread Pudding With Cream Cheese & Bananas

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Bread pudding just doesn't taste quite right until you add some nice cream cheese and bananas into the mix. Make bread pudding with cream cheese and bananas with help from a personal chef and baker in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Minerva Vázquez, and as a personal chef and baker and cake goddess nothing is more comforting for me than a bread pudding. Now the first thing that we need is bread, you can use French bread, you can use a more sweet bread like a brioche or you know your favorite. As long as you have 8 ounces and you cut it into little cubes. Alright so here I have 8 inch cake pan, this is a square one and I'm going to put half of my bread here, okay just to cover the bottom, just like that, right? We're going to put it here on the bottom, very pretty, very nice. And I have here 4 ounces of cream cheese, okay and I cut it into little cubes, so I'm just going to, you know put it just like that, uneven, first corner that you find there as long as you spread it in different areas that your covering and you'll get it as evenly as possible, just like that, no big deal. This is for you to enjoy. Alright now let's get some bananas, let's get some bananas, just 2 ripe bananas that I have already cut and just like that you put them on the top, very easy, so far no science here. Alright and just on top very nice, very cute. My boy loves to do this for me, but he's in school right so he's missing all the fun, he wanted to stay, he was like, Mom can I stay with you so I can make it with you and I'm like, Dude you got to go to school, okay. Now this is here and now I'm going to prepare the batter that is going to go on top of all this goodness and the batter is very easy. Just get a mixing bowl, okay and get 3 eggs, crack 3 eggs in there, super nice, very easy, no sweat, alright. Oh, today I was very lucky, no egg shells, alright now let's whisk this with a quarter of a cup of white sugar, just like that, whisk it until it dissolves very well. Now let's add 2 cups of whole milk, no diet here, no skim milk, no 2 percent, forget it ,you know I don't believe in that, okay? No diet for me, you can tell, right? Yea, yea, yea, some people say that I need to loose some weight, but shush, I don't care. That's my Mom. One tablespoon of rich maple syrup, yummy, I'm going to put an extra one, 2 tablespoons because I love it so much! Don't buy the cheap stuff, okay? Get the real good thing here. Alright whisk it one more time. You see this is so easy. If you want to get extra fancy on me add about a quarter of a teaspoon on ground cloves, really good, really yummy. Now let's put half of this batter on top of all this goodness right here so it's soaks or starts soaking here and before I forget let's add 2 tablespoons of real butter, no margarine, please, real butter. Alright here we go and we're going to put the rest of the 4 ounces, okay right on top, here we go. It can be a day old or maybe two days old bread. Okay here we go just put it on top like this, cover it as evenly as you can, no big deal. I like to put this, the crumb on the bottom, just like that. Another goodness calling me, beep. Alright press it down and finish pouring the rest, okay right on top, just like that. And now give it another press, just to make sure that the bread soaks in, beautiful, oh this goodness. Alright, now let me rinse my hands. Bread pudding with bananas and cream cheese. Absolutely delish. Again, my name is Minerva Vázquez, enjoy.


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