Overnight Moisturizing Remedies for Your Feet

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Certain moisturizing remedies for your feet are great for using overnight while you're asleep. Learn about overnight moisturizing remedies for your feet with help from a licensed nail technician in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, everyone. My name is Joi, licensed nail technician, and I want to show you all over night moisturizing remedies for your feet. So I'm going to be using a foot moisturizer, a little bit of Saran and then we're going to follow up with socks. So what you want to do and night time is a really good time to moisturize your feet because it gives your moisturizing products hours to seep in. So you want to put your moisturizing cream on any dry areas, so that's usually heals, sometimes the little toe, sometimes under the ball of the feet, just depending on how active you are. Okay, you put that on make sure that you rub it on really well and then to seal it in you're going to wrap with a bit of plastic wrap. Okay, and this is actually going to warm everything up, it's going to hold the moisture in and then to keep that on you're going to follow up with your sock. It might feel kind of strange, but you will be happy in the morning because your feet will be very, very moisturized. So this is something with the Saran Wrap and everything, with the plastic wrap you don't necessary want to do it every night, maybe once or twice a week as sort of like a special treatment. So that is how you do the over night moisturizing remedy for your feet. Hope this was helpful to everyone. And again, my name is Joi.


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