How to Use a Warm Towel for a Pedicure

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One key tool that you're going to want to keep at the ready during a pedicure is a nice warm towel. Use a warm towel for a pedicure with help from a licensed nail technician in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, everyone, my name is Joi, Licensed Nail Technician, and I want to show you all how to use a warm towel for your pedicure. So, the only thing that we need for this is of course the warm towel and we're going to be using a little bit of water. So, about using a warm towel for your pedicure, that is actually something that's usually done when you go to a salon and the reason that they're able to keep their towels so hot and toasty is that they have a towel warmer. If you are actually doing this at home or you happen to have a towel warmer, you can just use a little bit of water. So, what you would do is you want to take your towel and you will roll it up like this and just put it under the faucet. Okay. You want to get it wet there and you don't want it sapping, so you want to ring it; okay; you just want it to be a little bit damp and it will be kind of hot, so be careful. You take the towel and then you just wrap your foot in it. And the purpose of this step is actually to make your skin receptive to the lotion that you're going to follow up with. Because at this point, you would have already done your filing, your buffing, you won't have done your polish yet, so then the next step is going to be to give the massage. So, this is going to open up your pores and it's going to make the lotion go into your skin nicely and everything's going to be really smooth. So, the towel will actually cool off pretty quickly, so you don't have to leave it on too long. Take the towel off and then you have your pores ready to receive your lotion. You go in for a nice foot massage and follow up with your polish of course and you're done with your pedicure. So, there you have it, how to use a warm towel during your pedicure. Hopefully this was helpful to you and again, my name is Joi. Bye.


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