How to Use a Foot Wand for a Pedicure

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A food wand is a great tool to have around, especially during a pedicure. Find out how to use a foot wand for a pedicure with help from a licensed nail technician in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi everyone, my name is Joi, Licensed Nail Technician, and I want to show you all how to use a foot wand during your pedicure. So, this is actually a foot wand. It can be called a few different things, so not to get confused. You could call it a foot wand, a foot paddle, an exfoliator, a, a callus exfoliator, all the same thing and all to be used to get the dead skin off of the feet. So, a couple of ways that you can use this if you have very, very dry skin, if it's kind of flaky, you can actually exfoliate before you put your feet into water. So, you just kind of make the job a little bit easier for yourself, you start exfoliating on the heels and underneath the balls of the feet just to loosen the skin up a little bit before you put into the water. If your feet are, you know, of average skin texture and you don't have a lot of dryness going on, after you soak your feet and after you've used your scrub, then you can go back in with this and just kind of smooth things out. So, you want to go, you can actually do a back and forth motion; you do it very gently. If you're doing it on the heels, you can go in with one direction, that's the easiest way to do it with the heels. So, that is how you use this tool. Hope that this was helpful to everyone, and thank you guys for watching.


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