How to Do a Pedicure for Cracked Heels

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Just because you have cracked heels doesn't mean you can't still do a good pedicure. Do a pedicure for cracked heels with help from a licensed nail technician in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, everyone. My name is Joi, licensed nail technician, and today I want to show you all how to a pedicure for cracked heals. So a couple of things that are important for this are a pedicure exfoliation tool, we're going to be using a cream, a moisturizing cream and then we're also going to follow up with a little Saran Wrap, which I'll show you in just a moment. So the first thing is to use your pedicure tool to exfoliate because you want to get the dead skin off so you just take it and just gently go, starting in one direction and that's going to get the top layer of dead skin off, which is what causes the cracked heals. So we just do that there gently because sometimes cracked heals can be just a little tender. And alright so we've got the skin off there and then what we'll want to do next is follow up with a moisturizing cream and that is the second step in relieving yourself of the cracked heals. You need to get that moisture down in there, so I'm going to put the moisturizing cream on the dry cracked spots and you can be generous with it because like I said, you want to make sure that the moisture gets way down in there. So we put it on and then what we're going to do to make sure that the moisture seeps in, as we're going to wrap it with a little bit of Saran, so you take it and it'll stick to the skin and you just want to just tap it down. Okay pull it tightly and then you'll want to actually just let this sit, maybe about 10 minutes or so, give it a chance to seep in. Okay then you'll remove it, there well be a little bit left over and you can just massage that in. And this is something if you have really bad heals, cracked heals you can do it maybe once a week and you should see improvement within about, I would say, maybe if you do it within about the third time you should see them looking better. So hopefully this is helpful to you all and again my name is Joi. Enjoy your day.


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