Hairstyles for Bridal Attendants

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If you're a bridal attendant, there are a few key hairstyles that you're going to want to know about. Find out about hairstyles for bridal attendants with help from a New York City-based freelance makeup and hair artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Claire Coleman. I'm a hairstylist, and I'm going to show you how to do a hairstyle for a bridal attendant. So depending on what your bride's look is going to be, you want to do something kind of similar. Most brides do updos so you're probably going to want to do something along that line. So I already went ahead and I took this bottom section of the hair and I just folded it into kind of a sloppy little knot here. So we're going to work with that and I'm just going to kind of tuck the end in and pin that real quick. Then I'm just going to kind of take the rest of the hair and I'm going to separate it into three sections and then I'm going to just smooth the sections out a little bit, there, smooth that one and then I'm going to do a braid. And I want to keep a little bit of it forward so it's going to be a really really loose braid. And then you're just going to be using all of the hair that you did not pull into your first little section there. There you go and I'm kind of doing it off to the side, we're going to be wrapping it around this little knot, shortly here. So I'm trying to make sure I did not keep it too too tight, a little loose is just fine because we're going to be moving it around a little bit and just braid all the way to the end and then we're just going to take this and wrap it around our little knot here and tuck your ends in and then you're just going to pin anything that feels loose just to make sure that everything feels nice and tight. The braid is really going to give a really cool texture to your look and wrapping it around your little updo gives it a nice foundation for it to start from. Whoops, and just get everything tucked inside nice and tight. A lot of bridal attendants put flowers in their hair too so this is going to be a style that will easily blend into doing something like that. Okay, we have a nice folded little style. And just tuck that little end in right there, there we go. So here's the look from the back, and from the front. My name is Claire Coleman, and I just showed you a hairstyle for a bridal attendant.


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