Fried Brussels Sprouts Appetizer

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A fried Brussels sprouts appetizer uses crushed chillies, pancetta and a few other key ingredients. Make a fried Brussels sprouts appetizer with help from a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Chef Alan Carlson, Italian Colors Restaurant. Today, we're making an appetizer of fried Brussels sprouts with pancetta, lemon and crushed chilies. To start with we'll cut up our pancetta, small quarter inch little dice, let these cook really quick, some garlic, we can smash that down so it's going to be nice and flat so it doesn't roll on you when you are going to chop it. Okay this we're going to put in a saute pan, just a little splash of olive oil, a pinch with a few of the crushed red chilies. This dish cooks pretty quick. So usually while I have those going, I will cut my lemon in half, have that ready to squeeze on the top, that's ready to go, get these out of the way, Brussels sprouts, I have a deep fat fryer that's on. So we're going to put the Brussels sprouts in a basket and fry them up. These cook in about 35 to 45 seconds, they really go quick. You'll be able to hear it and see it when it hits the hot oil, the water is going to want to cook out of there, don't be standing next to it when you first put it in because the first couple seconds it will splash the oil up while it's coating the whole thing. So then while that's going, we come back, our pancetta is just about there. It's about like that. You have got them cooked, they cook really quick. We're going to hit a little bit of lemon in there to stop the cooking process, plus it adds a lot of flavor, it cuts the fat, makes the fat taste less fatty and then we'll hit a little pinch of breadcrumbs in there to help soak that up, a little, a tablespoon of breadcrumbs, a tablespoon of Parmesan, maybe a little extra on the Parmesan and we finish this dish after I put all of this together, a little extra virgin olive oil. You don't want to put that in when you're cooking it, you'll lose the flavor of the good oil, so put that in right at the end. That's ready, the Brussels sprouts are ready so you can kind of do these at the same time. It's not a long fire dish if you have everything all prepped up, you can make this dish in just a matter of you know, a couple minutes. Let the oil drain off your Brussels sprouts, you'll want to add extra grease in there. Dump those in with the pan and then we're just going to gently mix this all together. You can switch it to a bowl if you want. If you're good you can just toss it like that while you're going. And to present this we put it in just a little bowl on a plate, so this bowl is kept hot so you have the underlying plate so you don't burn yourself when you are carrying it out and just pop all that goodness in there, that pancetta on the top. Once you start eating these, it's kind of like a fried olive, you can't just eat one, you're just going to continue eating these just like they're a French fry and that's fried Brussels sprouts, great for the holiday season, really good in the Winter months when it's a little bit cold outside, very filling and it's a good way to get your kids to eat their vegetables, so, enjoy. This is Chef Carlson at Italian Colors Restaurant in Oakland, California, fried Brussels sprouts with a little pancetta.


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