How to Make Individual Chocolate Cakes

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Making individual chocolate cakes is a great way to service the individual needs of the various members of your family. Make individual chocolate cakes with help from a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, Chef Alan Carlson, Italian Colors Restaurant, Oakland, California. Today, we're going to make a warm chocolate gooey cake. So we'll take a little bit of chocolate. A serrated knife is good for cutting chocolate, regular knives will kind of dull them. The closer you have it to room temperature, the easier it is to cut. You just take a little bit of chocolate off of there, keep it from melting, hold it all together. Alright, that's going to go over a double boiler, put a little hot water on it and we'll let this melt. It melts pretty quickly. So we're going to separate the egg yolks, the egg whites. You can be as fancy as you want. People can use them in the shell. I like to let them go through my fingers. The yolk does crack. The yolk will still whip but if you have yolk in the white the white will never whip for you and for this little chocolate I guess three will be enough. We're going to do some sugar in each one, I think about a tablespoon in each. Some people put some cream of tartar in there if you think you need it. So these will go into the mixer. You can't really over whip the egg yolks so you can throw those on and let them go. The whites, you just want a soft peak on the whites. Okay while those are going, I'll take a little bit of the butter, line your dish with it, you can use melted butter if you want, you can use a raw butter, just make sure it coats it so it doesn't stick. Some people put flour then you know it definitely won't stick. It seems like we have a lot of gluten allergies these days so I try to use just straight sugar on it, throw your sugar in there, move that around. The sugar will crystallize on the side and it won't stick with that in there, a soft peak on the whites, you should be able to turn it upside down but you don't want it so stiff that it's a meringue because this is what's going to help it to souffle up. Egg yolks are just a nice light ribbon. So you get the chocolate melted. It doesn't need to be fully integrated. You don't want it too hot. So you've got the egg yolks and the chocolate. These will fold together. Okay and then we're going to throw in the egg whites. The nice thing about this recipe is you can make this two, three days in advance and set it in the refrigerator and it holds up, just put a little plastic wrap over it so it doesn't absorb any other flavors from the refrigerator. Do that, just pour it right into your mold right about there, take some of the chocolate ganache. This is just chocolate and cream melted down together, a good chunk of that. I do, you know a good ounce and a half, two ounce chunk of that into the, right into the middle of the souffle. It cooks it's going to engulf that. So that is our cake, this goes in the oven for about 18 minutes. So the cake comes out, it's a little baked on the top. This one was actually in the refrigerator overnight so you can see how it's set up. So we just run a knife around it to get it loosened up. This will unmold under your plate. Whoops, it came out a little quicker than I thought. Make sure you hold a hot towel, that thing is piping hot, it's 400 degrees. Get rid of the extra crumbs on there. You want to decorate this. We just make our own, it's just espresso coffee with cream, a little sugar and thickened with egg yolks, put that in there on the plate. It gives it a nice sauce to it. You don't have to use a squeeze bottle. That way if you just melt ice cream it works great. We have a little melted chocolate, once again it's just a ganache that's warmed up. You can do circles, you can do dots, you can do, there's no wrong way to make the cake look good. You can come back if you want to do a little Herringbone action in it, make different patterns, hearts, shapes, whatever you want to do and the sauce will let you do that. We top it with a little powdered sugar on top. Alan Carlson, chef at Italian Colors restaurant at Oakland, California hoping you'll enjoy your warm chocolate cake.


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