Moroccan Sea Scallops Recipe

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Moroccan sea scallops aren't nearly as difficult to prepare as you might think. Get a Moroccan sea scallops recipe with help from a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, Chef Alan Carlson at Italian Colors Restaurant in Oakland, California. Today, I'm going to make for you a Moroccan spiced U-10 sea scallop with a little caramelized walnuts, grilled pear, a shallot and pomegranate pan butter sauce after we sear the scallops and then we'll make the sauce right in the same pan. So I'm going to grill the pears. You can have these done ahead of time for your party, you can grill the big chunks. You can slice them small if you want to have nice garnish sizes with them. I just do a little olive oil, salt and pepper on these. We'll throw them on a charbroiler for about 35/40 seconds each side. Okay while those are going we can season our scallops. We'll take a little Moroccan spice, just do a little dusting on them, a little bit sweet, a little bit hot, peel and chop the shallot. It's a nice little fine chop, no one wants big chunks of shallots. Alright our pan should be hot, we'll take our scallops. Set them in, don't set them this way, set this this way so they, if it splashes, it splashes away from you. These will cook in about oh, 45 seconds to a minute on each side, just so, you don't need much risotto, this is an appetizer. So you don't want to overdo it, just a little bit of risotto. That we're going to put with a little stock in it, the nuts, let it be a little more refinished, a little white wine, those are beautiful. Okay we'll dump off that excess grease, get our shallots in there, a splash of your white wine, a little pomegranate in there, get some juice in there, some of the seeds will come out too, perfect, that's what we want, get a quick pan finish. You'll have to look for, sometimes you can have a little skin. You can have that pre-prepped ahead of time too. If you don't want the membrane in there, we'll pull that out. So while that's cooking I'm going to get a little spoon, just get a little bit of butter, just a pinch of the soft butter, that's going to be our finish sauce. That goes in there and you just, the sauce cooks really quickly, it's just a quick pan sauce, a lum nude as they say in French. So we get our plate, they sell these ring molds, you can probably if you are creative you can buy stuff at a hardware store. You could dice the pear and put it right in here if you like. I like to usually put them on the plate and set the scallops right on them but whatever works for you. This can be an appetizer or a light entree, dinner coarse, the ring mold will slide right out. That just holds it up a little bit, work on your presentation a little, throw your pears down, put the scallops right on top of those. Get your scallops on there, finish it with your pomegranate butter sauce. You can garnish this with anything you like. You won't need much, the flavors are going to just burst when you bite into them. Take your extra sauce, finish your plate up. It needs a little color, hit it with a little chopped parsley, throw everything else you like on it, you could do pears fanned out on it, whatever you want to do on it. Chef Alan Carlson, Italian Colors Restaurant, Oakland, California, a seared U-10 sea scallop with pears, caramelized walnuts, a little risotto and a pomegranate butter sauce with some shallots in it, bon appetit.


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