Beet Salad With Grilled Asparagus

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The only way to make beet salad better than it is already is to add nice grilled asparagus into the mix. Make beet salad with grilled asparagus with help from a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, Chef Alan Carlson, Italian Colors Ristorante in Oakland, California. For you up-and-coming chefs and budding gourmet, we're going to do a nice, little presentation on a beet dish. It's got a lot of bang and pizzazz with it. So, we're going to grill some asparagus. First thing, it is, I've peeled some turnips, I've got those boiling right now. We're going to puree those up, with a little bit cream and salt and pepper. We're going to put a little olive oil on our, a little cooking oil, not the good extra virgin on the asparagus, a little salt and pepper. I'm going to throw these on the char broiler for about a minute and half, each side, get those cooked. When those are cooking, I toast the hazelnuts, you can also throw those right over on an open flame, just to chill off, of those. We've already got our beets cooked, so the beets are ready to go. I'll show you how we season those at the end. We take a white citrus balsamic vinegar, and put a quarter cup of this to modified soy protein, up to one tablespoon of modified soy protein. I'm sorry, one teaspoon of protein per quarter cup of the white balsamic vinegar. These we put together into a KitchenAid Mixer, it looks like shaving cream, make some noise. When that's whipping, let me cut the watermelon radish, just big chunks of that. O.k., and we are ready to assemble. To assemble, we took the turnips, made a puree out of them. I take the goat cheese, this I'm going to fry up really quick. So, I've got my beets, alternate some colors on them. Hit our asparagus in there, a little bit of our toasted hazel nuts. It gives a nice crunch, because all the other textures are kind of a little bit on the soft side. A little more salt and pepper and the other beets. The red beets, I always put on last, because I don't want it to bleed all over everything else. So, do that a little bit at the end, these have great flavor. O.k., so, those are all in there. We come back, we hit it with a little smoked sea salt, brings all the flavor together. A little extra virgin olive oil over the top, to kind of making our dressing. We stand up some watermelon radishes in here for color and they've got a nice, crunchy texture to them. Three or four of those, whatever you want to do. This is a vinegar with a modified soy protein, creates its own vinaigrette. As the vinegar melts over it, this will hold up for ten to 15 minutes, sometimes not quite that long. As that melts in, that creates a vinaigrette in it. We garnish this with the edible flowers. You could put the whole flowers in or you can pick some stems off. I like to just pick a few stems, to give us some nice, vibrant colors, whatever colors you want in there. Chef Carlson at Italian Colors Ristorante, our beets, turnip puree, toasted hazel nuts, grilled asparagus, kind of autumn, fall vegetable flavor medley. With a little extra virgin olive oil, smoked sea salt and a, we call it a Tuscan Cloud for the white balsamic vinegar and modified soy protein. Bon appetit!


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