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There are few better ways to start your day than with some nice sourdough waffles. Get a sourdough waffle recipe with help from a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, Chef Alan Carlson at Italian Colors Ristorante in Oakland, California, showing you how to make a sourdough waffle. First thing we do, is we have to feed the sourdough starter. Sourdough starter, we have here, is 20 years old. I started with some grapeseeds and just a little water and let it ferment overnight. And you feed it a little four, it grows, you strain it off. You have to fee it at least once a week, we feed this a couple times a week, because we put it in our pizza dough. So, just a cup of this starter, a cup of flour, you can go a little heavy on that, if you need it. You can actually add a little more buttermilk, send it out. Shake the buttermilk up, so it's opened up, a cup of the buttermilk. Whisk it altogether, it seems kind of thick, but the starter will start feeding and it'll eat on it. Overnight, it'll soften up, then tomorrow we're going to add melted butter, eggs and little baking powder into it. O.k., that should be a nice batter when we get done with it tomorrow. So, we wrap that with plastic wrap, set in your refrigerator, I usually go more than 12 hours. If you're in the colder part of the hemisphere, your kitchen and stuff gets down to 60 at night. Just leave it out, you can just put a towel, drape a towel over it. Leave it out at room temperature, all night for 12 hours. It's going to start bubbling and it'll be, it'll rise a little bit like a bread dough does. The culture in this has, it creates it's own yeast, and it makes it kind of a yeast starter. That it just, the flavor on it is adding, like making a yeast waffle. But even a little more tangy with the flavor from the starter creates its own, own flavor and its own bacteria over years. So, if you don't have your own starter, find somebody who has it. Most bakeries usually do, they'll sell you a cup, you can just feed it, just flour and water. You've just got to make sure you feed it once a week. The best thing to do that, is you have sour dough pancakes or sourdough waffles once a week and then, you don't have to worry about it. So, we'll let that, set that aside. And there we come back, it's been 24 hours. We're now going to add, melt a little butter, crack a couple eggs in there. We've got our butter melted, we'll dump that in and whisk that in. So, here we have our waffle iron, we'll hit it with a little Pam. So, then, we'll just put in a scoop of the dough. Close it down, flip it over, set our timer for three and a half minutes. We usually serve it caramel sauce and ice cream. You see, now I'm eating this one, I haven't had breakfast yet, I'm going to have a little maple syrup on it, add some fresh strawberries, add some whipped cream. O.k., that's our sourdough waffle. This is Chef Carlson from Italian Colors Ristorante in Oakland, California, saying, it's not just for breakfast anymore.


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