How to Make Sous-Vide Braised Short Ribs

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The only thing better than regular short ribs are sous-video braised short ribs. Make sous-video braised short ribs with help from a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, Chef Alan Carlson of Italian Colors Restaurant in Oakland, California. Today, we're going to do a sous-vide braised short ribs. It cooks for three days in a 131 degrees at 72 hours. I found that if you just heavily season it with salt and pepper, I'm just going to go really heavy on salt and pepper, all sides of it, salt is a good curing agent, protects from bacteria growth. It sits at a low temperature for a long time. I charbroil it. I, I get this thing smoking hot, so then when I vacuum seal it, it sucks in that smoke flavor and I've killed the bacteria level off on the outside and even cook it just a little bit in on each sides. So, this is going to go on the broiler, I sear for about five to eight minutes. It cooks very, quite awhile; I really like to make sure it cooks all four sides of it, give a nice chardness to it. So, I have it charred off, here, we've put it in a, let it cool for a couple of minutes 'cause it's going into a plastic bag, then we'll vacuum seal the bag. While that's waiting, we've got plenty of time 'cause that cooks for 3 days, take your wasabi, add a little water to it, mix this together, create your paste. This stuff, if you have any sinus problems, just inhale this while you're mixing it, it will clear your sinuses right up. Wasabi gets a lot stronger if once you mix it together, you turn it upside down on the counter and let that sit for about five minutes, instead of the steam evaporating out, all the aromas and the flavors of wasabi, it goes right back up into itself; makes a little hotter, little stronger. While that's curing, we'll take a little of our turnip puree and mix it right in with it 'till they're all in together. Horseradish and turnip, the flavor combination to me is, is some, a match, it's just made, made to go with meat. Its just really fantastic together. So, it's been three days, our short rib is now ready; pull them out of the water circulator. So, it looks like this when they're done; nice and soft, cooked all the way through. It's not so hot that you can't hold onto it. We'll cut them up, still rear in the middle even after cooking for three days. So, we are cooking it at that temperature. We also use, we serve this with garlic mashed potatoes and veggies with the presentation I'm just going to show you. Beautiful color we have on this, the texture is really good, meat is made to finish with just a little bit of salt on it, bring out the rest of the flavor of it. You can use a smoked salt if you want, I just like a little Kosher salt on it. Then, we put the wasabi puree right over the top so you get a little in each bite. And that is our 72-hour braised short rib. Chef Carlson from Italian Colors Restaurants.


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