How to Stretch From Head to Toe

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Stretching from head to toe is a very important aspect of martial arts and fitness in general. Stretch from head to toe with help from a 10th degree Black Belt in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hello. This is grand master Ted Gambordella, and I'm going to show you some basic stretches that you can use for the martial arts or for fitness in general. We always want to start with the top of our head so we're just going to start off with rolling our neck. We'll roll it in a circle about six times to the left, and then we like to roll it in a nice slow circle about six times to the right. Then we're going to left and right. So this builds the, we're trying to work every part of our neck here. Now we're going to do our shoulders by taking big circles and swinging our arms up and over and around our body. We're going to do that about six to eight times forward and six to eight times backwards. Now we're going to take our hands and try and touch them in the front and the back. Or you could see here as I'm going across and I'm swinging them hard enough to go all the way to the back too. So I'm doing it to the forward and to the back. Now we're going to keep our upper body going by swinging to the left and to the right. Now this is also a martial arts technique because you're teaching them how to do an elbow. But you're going left and right. So really swinging it hard to the left and to the right. And now we're going to do our hips. We're going to make a nice smooth circle clockwise about six to eight times and then counterclockwise about six to eight times. And you're going to reach down and just sort of move to the left and right. Then put your palms on the ground. Now we're going to reach through our hands, from one, two and three. On the third one we're going to go back further, so the reach down is one, two, three. Go back further, one, two, three. You can also get your legs a little bit further as you go, three. You want to do this about six to eight times. And now you can drop all the way down and stretch it to the left and drop all the way down and stretch it to the right. Now since we already got our hips warmed up, now we're going to go down to the ground. You want to spread your legs as wide as possible. Turn your body and you're going to go over and put you head on your knee. Turn to the other side, go over and put your head down on your knee. Now you want to try and go forward. You're going to reach out with your hands wide here and just sort of relax for eight to ten seconds. And you're going to try and go down and touch your head to the ground. You could do this exercise while you're watching TV. You could just sit there and watch TV and just bend over like this and just let it gradually stretch you. Now we're going to go all the way in and rotate our hips, and try and drop each knee to the ground. You can push down on your knees with your elbows. Get a nice and good stretch here. We're going to stretch our knees and hips right here by pushing down where you're trying to get this knee all the way to the ground and this knee to the ground. Bring your heel, the closer you bring your heels into your body the better the stretch is. And then you're going to put your legs out straight and go forward and touch your head to your knees. Now finally you're going to do a little back stretching here where you can roll over to the left and roll over here to the right. Stretch it around. I'm also stretching my neck here. Now I'm going to roll up on my hips, going to stretch over. And then you can come back up here and go straight. Hello. This is grand master Ted Gambordella, and you just learned some great stretches for your body you can use in martial arts or just general fitness.


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