Hand Exercises & Stretches for Jujitsu

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Certain hand exercises and stretches are great for getting your body ready for the physical demands of Jujitsu. Learn about hand exercises and stretches for Jujitsu with help from a 10th degree Black Belt in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hello, this is Grand Master Ted Gambordella, and I'm going to show you some hand exercises and some stretches that you can use in karate. What you want to do is make sure that your wrists stay flexible. You see a an axe murderer do this all the time in the ring and stuff. This is really just stretching his wrist. This is a Jujitsu, a karate exercise is moving your wrist from the left to the right. He's also making it like a swimming motion but you're stretching it. You can take it like this and bend it over. Now you'll be amazed that this hurts folks. When you do that it's going to hurt you at home so make sure you do it nice and light. When you bend that wrist completely straight over and push it back it hurts. Then you take it like this and twist it to the left and that hurts too and what you're doing is you're getting your tendons used to being hurt so that if someone does it to you in the ring or in the martial arts, it doesn't hurt as much. If you're not used to something hurting, you're not used to the pain and it's not the kind of pain that's going to injure you but this is because you are stretching it yourself you know when to stop. Now this is one of the more complicated ones here. You're going to interlock your fingers here and you're going to roll your hands and turn them all the way around here and out, here and out and that really hurts. Then you're going to shake your wrists, shake it forward and shake it backwards, shake them forward and shake them backwards. Then you're going to rub your wrists where I roll them around and rub it, roll them around and rub it. This is to get those tendons, every time we do a stretch we do a wrist lock on someone, we want to rub on their hands like that so it does stretch it. You want to push on your fingers. You see Bruce Lee and stuff in movies like breaking and popping his fingers. You don't really want to do that, you want to push down on them one at a time and get them loose and stuff. In Jujitsu, one of the things we do is manipulate the fingers with small joint manipulation and then bending the fingers back. This is the worst way you can do it but you want to practice the stretching because it doesn't hurt as much when you bend it back and you twist it, it hurts a lot more. So you're stretching your fingers like that and you can hear it popping now because I've really stretched it. You want to wiggle your fingers for the dexterity and stuff. You take your fingers like this, put them together and push them out, push them out. Then you can do exercises on the ground and just sit on your fingers, sit on your knuckles. Now it's not doing a lot right here because this is a mat and it's soft but if you take your knuckles and just sit on them in your carpet, it becomes very hard and if you sit on them on wood or concrete, it becomes a lot harder. Then you can take your fingers here and push yourself up off the ground and even though this is a mat you'll feel that a lot and try and hold yourself for ten seconds at a time, five seconds, ten seconds at a time, hold it up like that. Then you can take your hand and bend it over and you can do it with both hands but we're just going to show you with this one. You are bending over and putting pressure on it. This is the exact same thing, we're stretching that ligament so it doesn't hurt when I get through and you do it from all different angles as I'm stretching it around, forward and backwards. This is Grand Master Ted Gambordella, and you just learned some hand exercises and some stretches you can use in the martial arts.


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