Wild Rice & Pomegranate Salad

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Wild rice and pomegranate salad is a delicious way to start off a healthy meal. Learn about making wild rice and pomegranate salad with help from the co-founder and corporate chef of Goose Valley Natural Foods in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Chef Barbara Mattaliano from Goose Valley Natural Foods. Today, I'm going to show you how to make a wild rice and pomegranate salad. It's perfect for the holidays, it's great if you are cooking for a large crowd. It's easy to make and let me show you how. So first you have four cups of cooked wild rice and I've seasoned it with a little olive oil and salt and pepper and then I've taken one butternut squash that I've peeled and cut into cubes and roasted in the oven. It's about two cups of butternut squash and then I have three tablespoons of chopped chives, one tablespoon of lemon zest and a half a cup of pomegranates. So I'm going to go ahead and add those to the wild rice and then I'm going to give it a quick stir and then we're going to make an artichoke salad dressing for it. And I basically take a jar of artichokes in olive oil and I drain off the liquid and then I'm going to chop up the artichokes, well let me give this a quick stir first. It looks great, doesn't it? It's a really festive salad. So I'll just give it a quick toss and then we'll make our vinaigrette. Great, so I have the artichokes here. I've reserved the liquid that I have. I'm going to use a little bit of it for our dressing but I'm going to give these a rough chop just so that everything in the salad, I like to make it proportional when you are making a rice salad so that everyone, you know, when you take a bite, you know, everything is pretty much the same size. That's a good rule of thumb when you are making a rice salad. Okay, so let me just put those on top. So I put the artichokes in and then I use the juice to make the dressing and I'll give this a quick stir. This is so easy to make. Okay let's make our dressing. So I'm going to start with two tablespoons of honey and I'm going to put down and then I have the juice from one lemon. I'm going to add a little bit of that artichoke juice, I'll add half of it and then I'm going to add a half a cup of olive oil and then I'm going to just whisk it. So I'm going to whisk together the honey, the lemon juice, the artichoke vinaigrette juice and the olive oil. And now I'm going to season it with some salt and pepper, perfect, season with some salt and pepper and we're going to pour it right on top of the dressing. Now if you are making this for a party, I would make the salad, put it in a refrigerator and store the dressing separately and then right before, when you get to your party, and then put the dressing on before you serve it. And it's that simple, you just give it a quick stir, and here it is, our wild rice and pomegranate salad.


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