How to Connect iPads Together for the Classroom

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iPads aren't just great for personal and business use - they can also be absolutely valuable educational tools. Connect iPads together for the classroom with help from an expert in the world of Apple retail in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hey, I'm Skylar. If you want to use iPads in a classroom or in the studio, or in an office to collaborate on something, a really cool app that I just found is called SynkPad, and SynkPad allows you to create a whiteboard and invite other people to join. So I'm just going to create one right now, name my team or my students or what ever, you know what, Team X, create and then I can set up the whiteboard, you know, The X, okay cool, tap create, I can create a password if I want to, whoops no spaces and it's loading the room now and here I can draw. Now somebody else who is signed into the room, which you can see right down here they would go to that domain, using the SynkPad application and then they would also be able to do things like contribute text. Hi, et cetera, and so that way we could communicate and collaborate whether we were in the same room or in different places all together. So you could use that in the classroom as an educational tool, that you could use that to collaboratively to sign things, you know, all sorts of options there, so a really cool application. And you know just some more screen shots of it that show what people are doing. I think it's pretty neat. Then there are all sorts of other ways you could use an iPad to collaborate in the classroom, Evernote would be a great option so you know you can share notebooks with Evernote and that way everyone in the classroom could all be looking at the same material at the same time. You could do the same thing with something like Safari, you know just direct all of your students to the dame domain, the same webpage and have them us the reader function in Safari in order to work together to read a current art article or something like that, but there are tons of different options. I think that the two that I've mentioned, you know Evernote, and SynkPad might be a really great start because they're both free. Check that out. I'm Skylar. Thanks for watching.


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