How to Make Greek Stewed Chicken

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When making Greek stewed chicken, all you really need is about 45 minutes of spare time. Make Greek stewed chicken with help from an expert in nutrition and health in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Stella Metsovas and I'm a Globally Recognized Health, Food and Diet Expert. Today, I'm going to show you how to make one of my favorite recipes of all time, it's a Greek stewed chicken. And the beauty of this dish is really you're just chopping up a few things, simmering them for about 45 minutes and you're done. It's super easy, really healthy and uses all of the quality ingredients found in a Greek diet. So, I begin by chopping one whole onion and I'm going to add about two tablespoons of olive oil to a medium sized saucepan, medium high heat. I'm also going to mince two garlic cloves. You can add as much onion as you like. I prefer to use kind of minimal here because I want to taste the chicken and I'm also going to show you one of my favorite can, cooking sauces. It's from Cat Cora's line; this is actually the Santorini Cooking Sauce and it just really embodies all of the flavors and taste you find on the Greek island. So, this one is Santorini, there's a Corfu and just so great to use in all of your, your cooking dishes. So, I'm adding the onion and the garlic to a pan. Let those cook on medium heat until they are soften. You can also use butter here, I prefer using a little bit of garlic oil. So, now that the onion and garlic has soften, remember, you don't want to burn your garlic or onion. We have chicken thighs here. I use chicken thighs because it gives a little bit of fat to the dish and chicken breast can work as well, but chicken thighs really just spruce up the flavor. And you're going to want to flavor with some sea salt and pepper. Ground pepper is always best. Some oregano; the superstar Greek ingredients is always oregano. You cannot cook Greek food unless you have oregano. Put a generous serving on there. And we're just going to slide them into the saucepan and what we're going to do here is cook them on medium high. Basically, you're going to take your temperature up now until they're almost cooked thoroughly, about ten minutes. Alright, so now that the dish has simmered and cooked almost all the way through the chicken, we're going to add some chicken broth; you can also add veggie broth, it's up to you. Just make sure you don't buy a, a broth that has a lot of sodium in it. That's definitely not what you want to be using when you're making any dish for that matter. Now, here is the ingredient that makes my life super easy and it's Cat Cora's Santorini blend, my favorite and my favorite Greek island by the way. Okay. So, I'm going to put a whole jar of cooking sauce in there and as you can see, it adds not only the tomato which is definitely common in most Greek style stewed, but there's obvious blend of spices and, and, and capers; caper's actually from Santorini that give you this flavor that's hard to really do on your own. So, another thing I like to add to the dish are some olives. Olives are huge also in Greek cooking, just kind of draining them. These have not been soaked in brine, they're actually in olive oil, my favorite way to have canned olives. The brine just kind of, ah, not a big fan of the brine olives. Now, what you're going to do is stir everything together. You're going to simmer this for about 20 to 45 minutes depending on how soft you like the meat texture or how hungry you are. I definitely recommend going 45 minutes and putting it on a low heat. You definitely do not want anything higher, and cover it. So, now the Greek stewed chicken has cooked for about 30, 35 minutes. Ah, so beautiful. We're going to take one of the chicken thighs; actually, I'll add two, kind of hungry. We're going to take this beautiful sauce; ummm, reminds me of Santorini, I smell the capers in there. Little bit of the onion and there you go. You can actually serve this in a bowl if you like or a plate. Greek stewed chicken. My name is Stella Metsovas; one of my favorite dishes right here, you will love it, so good.


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