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Fruit acid facial peels are very simple and very inexpensive products. Learn about a fruit acid and facial peel with help from a licensed cosmetologist with over 5 years of experience in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi guys, this is Chelsie Baker, professional cosmetologist of five years. Today, I'm going to show you how to use a fruit acid and facial peel. Let's get started. So to apply a fruit acid facial peel, it's very, very simple and very inexpensive. You can pick any old one up at your local pharmacy or makeup store and you just take it and apply it to clean dry skin with your fingers and it's almost like a gel and you just apply it all over the face, avoiding the eyes and it doesn't need to be very thick. Actually the thinner the better. It makes it a little easier to peel off. So avoiding the eyes you're just going to apply it all over the face, not on the lips either, up onto the nose and on the forehead. And it's very stick so be careful of hairs and clothing. After you've applied it to the entire face, you're going to let it sit until it dries and you'll feel it dry when your face kind of feels like it's tightening, really it's just the peel drying. So you'll let that dry for a few minutes. So once it's done drying, you'll know when it's done drying because you'll see it will start to peel up and your skin will tighten and you can just take that and just peel it off and it's very painless and it peels off very easily and if you lose a piece, just go back and pick some more up and it might not dry so evenly so it might not come off all in one piece but that's okay. You'll just go through and peel off what you can. Once you've peeled off most of the mask you're just going to take a warm washcloth or underneath warm running water, wipe your face, don't use soap because you want to leave on all the fruits and the acids and all of that moisturizing for your skin. So just warm water and a washcloth and wipe off the remainder and depending on what kind you buy, sometimes they can be a little more tricky to rinse them off, it might take a few times but the warm water will open your pores and help for the peel to get into your pores as well. And these are very relaxing and just a nice little quick facial you can do for yourself at home when you are watching a movie, cooking dinner, anything. And your face will feel nice and refreshed and clean. And there you go. And that's how you use a fruit acid and facial peel. If you have any more beauty questions, feel free to ask. See you next time.


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