Head Scarf Tying Techniques

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There are many different ways in which you can tie a head scarf depending on your preferences. Learn about head scarf tying techniques with help from an experienced stylist and fashion professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Elle Horton for fashionfaithfortune.com and I'm here at Aspasia's Boutique in Jersey City, New Jersey. Today, I'm going to show you different headscarf tying techniques. So this is the first head scarf tying technique and basically you would take your scarf or a bandana and you would just fold it and tie it in a knot and then a second knot to secure it and then you have a very nice casual look. So this is the second technique and this is more classic style so what we're going to do is take take the scarf tie it in a triangle, you're are going to take it over the entire head to the edge of the forehead, you take it and you tie a knot on top and then a second knot to secure the look, basically you have a very sheik and classic headscarf tying technique that you can use on bad hair days. This is something to make a fashion statement and it's basically something that you can always have when you just feel like you want to have a little flair. So the last technique is a turban, now this is a little challenging or it can be, but it's worth the effort. The first thing you do is you fold the scarf into a triangle, the same style, the same technique that you used for the classic style except you take the triangle and you place it the front, you then take the ends of the scarf around and you secure it with one knot, then you take the top of the scarf and you pull it down until you feel it's really secure enough, you then take another knot and you tie it right here and now you just want to start to tie numerous knots. They don't have to be really neat, they just need to be secure and you just keep tying these knots and then you take the piece of scarf and you tuck it under the knot that you created from the numerous knots and you just tie it like so, you tuck it in and there you have your modern day turban. Again, my name is Elle Horton from fashionfaithfortune.com, and I just showed you different headscarf tying techniques.


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