What Are Two Yoga Poses That Strengthen the Quadriceps?

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Certain yoga poses are great for strengthening the area of your body known as the quadriceps. Learn about not one but two yoga poses for strengthening the quadriceps with help from an experienced fitness professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I’m Sara Holliday from FitBySara.com, and I’m going to show you two yoga poses to strengthen your quadricep muscles. There are many postures in yoga that strengthen the quadricep muscles, and I’m going to show you two really familiar postures that do just that. We’re going to start with Warrior I, and I’m going to do a modification, and you’ll really start to feel the burn into your thighs. So, you’re going to take a big step out, covering much of your mat. Make sure your hips are forward, with that back foot turned out, the bent knee quite bent so that your knee is in line with your ankle bone. But, make sure it doesn’t go over the toe. Okay, you’re going to extend the arms up overhead, bringing the fingers together, even interlacing them if you have the flexibility in your shoulders to do so. Pulling your arms back, back by your ears, draw your shoulders down and away. Now, we’re going to inhale come up, exhale sink deeper. I want you to go as far as you can towards, going deeper in that posture so you’re really working your quadriceps muscle. Inhaling up, and exhaling down. Repeat three to five times, bending and straightening, going deeper in the posture. Hold it at the bottom. Notice the thigh muscle working. You’ll start to feel quite a burn. Draw the shoulders down, tuck your buttocks under so that your spine is tall. Inhale, exhale, open up to Warrior II, just turning that back foot out so your hips are sideways, looking over your left fingertips, shoulders down and away. Inhale up, exhale sink deeper. And repeat, inhale, exhale, little deeper. Once more, and hold it at the bottom, shoulders down and away, looking over your fingertips. Again, you’ll really start to feel the burn. You can hold it here for three to five seconds, and you will feel it. Now, we’re going to repeat the sequence on the other side, going to Warrior I on the other side. Make sure your hips are forward, drawing the shoulders down and away, and make sure that your spine is as straight as possible. Inhale straighten the knee, exhale bend deeper, keeping the knee right in line with the ankle bone as you sink deeper into the posture. And, hold after three to five of those repetitions. Then, hold for three to five breaths. Then inhale, and exhale open up into Warrior II, looking over the fingertips. Inhaling up, exhaling sinking deeper. And, repeat three to five times. After three to five, bending and straightening, holding here for three to five breaths. Feel the burn, you’re really working your quadricep muscles. I’m Sara Holliday from Fit By Sara, and I just showed you two yoga postures to strengthen your quadricep muscles.


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