Yoga Exercises for Nighttime

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Not all yoga exercises need to be done during the day. Find out about yoga exercises for nighttime with help from an experienced fitness professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Sara Holliday from, and I'm going to show you yoga exercises for nighttime. For most of us before we go to bed our minds are just running like crazy. So I'm going to show you a great yoga move to release stress and tension, create space so that you open up your mind and you can have a great night's sleep. Also, for many of us we carry a lot of low back pain which can contribute to our discomfort while we sleep. So I thought I'd show you a nice yoga stretch that will release tension in your low back, hips and buttocks and clear your mind so you have a peaceful sleep. The other great thing about what I'm about to show you is you can do this right on your bed. So you're going to lay down and you're going to bring your knees right over your hip bones and you're going to open your arms even with your heart center. Then you're going to inhale and exhale, rock your knees, keeping your low back flat as you rock your knees side to side and then begin to rock the knees further, going as far as you feel comfortable going in your body but keeping the low back flat in between and then bring the knees all the way over to one side and rest your arm on top of the knee that's up and look over your opposite shoulder. As you look over your opposite shoulder, make sure that your upper back is completely flat, then open up the arm and repeat going to the other side, inhaling and exhaling as you rock the knees, starting small and then making it a little bit bigger and then rock all the way over to the other side, resting the free hand over your knee, flattening out your upper back and looking over your shoulder, take a nice deep breath, releasing tension on the low back, hips and spine, then come back through the center, holding the center of the knees in, open the knees slightly, flattening the spine, take another three to five breaths here and then release the legs down for a nice restful sleep. I'm Sara Holliday, and I just showed you yoga exercises for nighttime.


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