A Yin Yoga Shoulder Pose Using a Block

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A yin yoga shoulder pose uses a block for great effect. Find out about a yin yoga shoulder pose using a block with help from a health and fitness professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Denise Druce, a Registered Yoga Teacher in Salt Lake City, Utah. Let's look at a Yin Yoga pose for stretching the shoulders using a Yoga block. Yin Yoga is using the idea of our feminine cooling energy. If you think about Yin and Yang, Yin is our feminine energy, Yang is our masculine fiery energy. So, in Yin Yoga, you're going into poses and you're holding the poses a lot longer and you're really trying to cool your body down. So, Yin Yoga classes are often taught without a lot of heat. So, one of the poses is eagle arms using a block. We'll cross our right arm under our left and then wind the arms around each other. And then you'll just gently place the elbows on a block and hold that for several breaths or even several minutes. So, being there for that long just gives your connective tissues and your muscles the chance to really relax. The second pose is called the puppy or quarter dog. So, this is a lot like child's pose. You can place the block on your mat and your forehead will go on the edge of your block so that in your child's pose you're able to just relax with your head elevated a little bit. So, again, remember with Yin Yoga, you'll want to stay in the pose for several breaths, maybe even several minutes. I'm Denise Druce, for more Yoga tips, please visit my website.


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