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Yoga straps are a great way to enhance the general qualities of your yoga practice. Use yoga straps with help from a health and fitness professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Denise Druce, a Registered Yoga Teacher in Salt Lake City, Utah. Let's look at three ways you can use a Yoga strap to enhance your Yoga practice. So, the first way is just using a strap to help you reach your toes. So, we'll do a pose called seated forward fold; you clear the flesh out from underneath your hips and then, place the strap around the bottom of your feet. This way, you can hinge forward from the hips and still get a really great stretch in your legs without worrying about rounding your back and hunching over to touch your feet with your hands. So, basically straps just make your arms a little longer, gives you a really great stretch there. Another way we can use straps is in some of the binds where you're trying to touch your hands behind you, you can use the strap to make it easier to touch. So, this is a common Yoga pose, cow face arms. We'll bring the top hand up and the bottom hand down. And if your hands don't quite touch, you can use the strap to get a great stretch in both of your arms. And the third way to use a strap is when you're lying in your back, this is a really good hamstring stretch. So, we'll come down to the floor and we'll place the strap around the bottom of the foot and then extending the leg up. This allows us to get a nice stretch and still be relaxed in our arms, our neck, our shoulders and our face. If I try to reach my foot, I have to come up here and it wouldn't be as relaxing and I wouldn't have as good form. So, straps are really helpful for that. So, three great uses for Yoga strap. I'm Denise Druce, for more fitness and Yoga tips, please see my website.


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