Yoga Exercises for Flexibility in Legs

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Certain yoga exercises are great for increasing the flexibility in your legs. Learn about yoga exercises for flexibility in legs with help from a health and fitness professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Denise Druce, a Registered Yoga Teacher in South Lake City, Utah. Today, I'm going to show you three really great exercises for increasing the flexibility in your legs. So, we'll start with the standard standing forward fold. Take your feet about hip distance apart and put a soft bend in your knees. And then, hinging forward from the hips, come forward with a straight back. You can use a block if you'd like to put your fingers on the block and then just begin to lower yourself down over your legs. And you can keep your knees as bent as you like, but this is a great stretch for the Achilles tendon, the calves, the back of the knees, all the way up the hamstrings and into the hips. So, you want to hold your forward fold for five to ten breaths. And then when you're ready to come out, bring your hands onto your legs and come up with that straight spine moving from the hips instead of moving in the spine. The second exercise stretches the opposite; it stretches your quadriceps and your hip flexors. So, we'll come down onto one knee and then we'll step forward into a lunge. Again, you can use a block to place your hand on, brings the floor a little close to your hands. And then just let your hips begin to sink down. You want to make sure that your front knee is exactly over your front ankle, that protects your knee and you can just begin to lower yourself closer to the floor as your hips stretches and your body gets warmer and looser. You'll hold this for five to ten breaths and then switch sides. The third exercise, Yoga pose for increasing flexibility in the legs is actually a balance pose, it's called dancer. So, we'll begin on balancing with one foot and we'll bend the opposite leg behind us. We'll reach down and hold inside the back ankle and then begin to kick the foot into the hand. The opposite arm will lift up and this is a great place to stay, but if you'd like to work your balance a little bit more, begin kicking your foot into the hand and as you look forward and reach your hand forward, you literally stretch your body in two directions. This is a really awesome way to work on the hamstring flexibility in your standing leg and the hip flexor and quadricep flexibility of your lifted leg. So, three great ways to improve flexibility. Again, I'm Denise Druce, if you'd like more fitness or Yoga tips, please check out my website.


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