Ladder Approach for Pull-Ups

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The ladder approach for pull-ups is a way to increase your strength and endurance in incremental ways. Find out about a ladder approach for pull-ups with help from one of the leading health and fitness professionals in the state of Utah in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Denise Druce, a fitness instructor in Salt Lake City, Utah. Let's talk about the ladder approach for learning how to do pull-ups. So this is a way to increase your strength and your endurance incrementally. If it's hard for you to do a pull-up today, this is a great way for you to begin getting that skill down. So a ladder approach means that you'll start with one pull-up and then you'll rest and then you'll go back and do two pull-ups and rest and then three pull-ups and so on and so forth. To do a good strong pull-up, you'll take your hands wider than shoulder distance apart and you may even put your toes on a bench as you pull yourself up but try to use your upper body strength to bring your chin all the way up to the bar and then lower yourself back down. Another great way to work on ladder pull-ups are called partner pull-ups. And so you are working with a partner and you'll do your first pull-up and then your partner will do one pull-up and then you'll do two and then your partner will do two then you three and them three and so on until you each reach your maximum for pull-ups. A third way to work on getting better at pull-ups are called one minute ladders. So one minute ladders you'll do one pull-up and then you'll wait until the end of that minute, then do two pull-ups, wait until the end of that minute, then three pull-ups. So you'll get to the point where you'll do as many pull-ups as you can and then you have the rest of the minute to wait in between. So these are all great ways to learn how to do one of the best exercises there is, the pull-up. I'm Denise Druce. If you'd like more fitness tips, please check out my website.


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