How to Disinfect a Dumbbell

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You should always disinfect a dumbbell every so often, especially if more than one person uses the same piece of equipment. Find out how to disinfect a dumbbell with help from one of the leading health and fitness professionals in the state of Utah in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Denise Druce, a fitness instructor in Salt Lake City, Utah. Let's look at how to disinfect a dumbbell which is a really good question because if you are working out in a gym where there are a lot of other people using the same equipment, you can see how germs can really breed on something like a dumbbell. So most dumbbells have a handle with a lot of little tiny crevices in it and that's where the germs are really going to breed and grow. So in cleaning a dumbbell, the first thing you want to do is use a cleaning brush and just some soapy water and really scrub and get inside all of those cracks. Then, you want to use a disinfectant spray, a water-based disinfectant spray and then wipe off the dumbbell with a towel. It's also important to use a clean towel every time. So take the dumbbell and take the brush with some soapy water and just scrub really good through all of the cracks and the handle especially like that and make sure you get all the way down in all the little ridges and then, use your water-based disinfectant spray all over the dumbbell and then make sure to wipe it with a clean cloth to prevent it from rusting. Alright so that's how to disinfect a dumbbell. Again I'm Denise Druce. If you'd like any more fitness tips, please check out my website.


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